Wednesday, November 07, 2007

VA goes blue

From The Washington Post:

Democrats wrested control of the Senate from the Republicans in yesterday's legislative elections, picking up the four seats they needed to give them a majority of at least 21 to 19 and end a decade of GOP dominance in the chamber.

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) claimed victory in a celebration at Tysons Corner. The Republicans retained control of the House, but the Democrats also gained seats there. The party's surge will help the governor advance much of his agenda during his last two years in office, including investing more in education, health and the environment.

"It's an exciting time," Kaine said in interview. "It enables me to get even more done."

The Democratic gains offered further evidence of a closely divided electorate as both parties gear up for next year's presidential and U.S. Senate races. Although Democrats made advances in rapidly changing, diversifying Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, the GOP held on to several Senate seats in more rural parts of the state.

There will be those who will try to say that this is the first sign of the Democrat Party breaking into the South and becoming competitive there. Others will say that it foreshadows what will happen next November when the Democrats will sweep the House, Senate and White House.

It isn't either of those things. Virginia is a Southern state which has been governed by conservative principles for as long as anyone can remember. Therefore it is a very fine place to live. This has attracted lots of moonbats who simultaneously want to flee the hell they've made of the Northeast and ruin an entire new area of the country.

The only way this signals the South going blue is if the moonbats are willing to empty out the Northeast and the left coast and distribute themselves evenly around flyover country.