Sunday, January 20, 2008

The difference between us and them

Matt Lewis posted this on Townhall:

I found this simple observation from David Brooks' recent column to be profound:

"It is no accident that the major candidates in the Republican field are a pastor, a businessman and a war hero. These are the three most evocative Republican leadership models."

I'd like to expand on this. On the Republican side in addition to McCain the war hero, Huckabee the pastor and Romney the businessman we have Thompson the attorney and actor, Giuliani the prosecuting attorney and Paul the MD.

What all these men have in common is that they have lives and careers outside of politics.

Now what about the Democrats frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? Obama was a "community activist" who for a left-wing organization whose job was to work minority members of Chicago neighborhoods up into states of irrational fury so that they could be taken advantage of by leftist politicians.

Hillary was an attorney in private practice, but when you look closely at her time as a partner at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas is becomes clear that her job was simply a doge to allow her to serve as a bag-man for her politician husband. The way it worked was that anyone who wished to bribe Arkansas attorney general and then governor Bill Clinton only had to hire Hillary to do their "legal work" and they would avoid having to pass envelopes full of cash under the table to a Clinton "associate" in some smokey Little Rock bar.

In both cases we have people who have never had to exist in the private sector. They have never had to provide a product at a reasonable price in the face of competition from rivals operating under the rule of law. They have never had to meet a payroll. They have never had to decide how many people they would be forced to lay off because of some increase of taxes or regulation - and then had to tell those people that they no longer had a job.

Well, Hillary did decide to fire the folks at the White House Travel Office but rather than dip into her own savings to give them the best severance package she could (as many small business owners do when having to cut staff) she tried to frame them for federal felonies and have them sent to prison. So that doesn't really count.

On a personal level even the worst Republicans are vastly better than any of the Democrats.

This doesn't mean that I will vote for McCain, Giuliani or Huckabee. Any of those three would do terrible, perhaps fatal, damage to the Republican Party and thereby condemn the nation to ultimate collapse. But if I saw any of those three men with their nose on fire I would piss in their face to put it out. With Obama or Clinton I would just break out the weenies and the marshmallows.