Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The fix is in

Mark Steyn wrote this on The Corner last night:

Looks like it's over. The Panhandlers are giving McCain bigger margins of victory.

This is a tough night for the Romney campaign. Fred's withdrawal should have benefited them more than McCain. If Huck stays in, there's no prospect of southern victories for Mitt on Super Tuesday. And, if Huck and/or Rudy pull out, their votes on balance are likely to break for McCain.

I'm afraid that Mr. Steyn is correct. It has been apparent for some time that Huckabee is in the tank for McCain. The latest manifestation of that was Elmer's backing up McCain's lying smear of Romney on the issue of an Iraq pullout. Rev. Gantry is clearly planning to stay in the race in order to split the anti-McCain vote and sink Romney's candidacy. And it grieves me to say this but he will probably succeed because there is a segment of the Evengalical community (not a very large one, but large enough) that is just too shit-all stupid to see that they are being played for suckers.

We now have the disgusting sight of Mike Huckabee, Rudolph Giuliani and Fred Thompson all chasing after McCain trying to jam their lips up against his backside in the hopes of becoming the VP or getting some plum cabinet post.

If these men wish to betray their nation in the service of their ambition then fine. I say to hell with the lot of them.