Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fred on Hannity

I just heard Fred Thompson on Sean Hannity's show. The money part of the interview was this. Fred refused to offer any but the most mild criticism of John McCain. If fact his "criticism" didn't amount to much more than noting that he didn't agree with McCain on every issue and that he had sometimes voted differently than McCain when they served together in the Senate.

He then as much as said that he would withdraw from the race if he didn't do "well" in South Carolina. His observation was that if what he was doing didn't work in SC that it probably wouldn't work anywhere else.

He is probably correct in that.

He did not define what he meant "well" however so he has left himself plenty of latitude in making his decision.

I would say that anything less than a very strong third place would cause him to come to the conclusion that staying in the race would be a waste of time and money.

Unfortunately, based on what I heard today I deeply fear an endorsement of John McCain if Thompson withdraws.