Saturday, January 19, 2008

If you live in South Carolina

Today is the day SC Republicans go to the polls for the GOP's primary. South Carolina did the USA a great favor eight years ago by torpedoing the candidacy of backstabbing liberal John McCain.

You have the chance to step up and serve you nation again today by doing the same thing!

Do Not Vote For John McCain!!!

The ideal candidate to vote for would be Fred Thompson. He is the only consistant conservative in the race. While Mitt Romney is saying all the right things and while he did govern a liberal state in a right-of-center manner he still does not have Mr. Thompson's track record of decades long Reagan conservatism.

Even Rush Limbugh is waking up to the fact that either a McCain or Huckabee victory in the GOP primaries would destroy the Republican Party as a conservative party. On his show Friday he was warming to the idea that it would be better to have either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the White House than a liberal Republican. He even used the phrase "it takes a Jimmy Carter to give us a Ronald Reagan"!

If it is the fate of the United States to be badly governed by an incompetant left-of-center politican for the next four, or even eight, years then let that liberal politican be a Democrat so they will get the blame.