Saturday, January 05, 2008

The media trys to figure it all out

From The Washington Post:

For most of the past year, the news media treated Hillary Clinton as inevitable and Mike Huckabee as invisible.

In the wake of Thursday's Iowa caucuses, those judgments are looking rather shortsighted.

Until recent weeks, Huckabee was regarded as an asterisk, a former Arkansas governor whose entry into the presidential race didn't even warrant a mention on the "CBS Evening News." He was good for comic relief -- the wisecracking, bass-playing, weight-losing preacher man -- but not portrayed as a serious threat to win in Iowa or anyplace else. The media's chief benchmark is money, and Mitt Romney had truckloads of it and Huckabee very little.

Barack Obama, who beat Clinton in the Democratic contest, was initially hailed by anchors and pundits as a "rock star," but by the summer and fall he was depicted as a dull candidate who seemed to have little hope of catching up. Commentators openly urged him to attack the former first lady. Obama's winning margin was something of a surprise, but not as big, perhaps, as the bursting of the Hillary bubble that may have been inflated by a year's worth of press.

"Everyone just thought she was going to win -- I mean, how could she not?" says Keli Goff, an African American blogger and former Democratic strategist. "How could a freshman senator no one had heard of until a couple of years ago, whose name no one could pronounce, come out of nowhere and beat a woman married to the 'first black president'?"

The reason that she was never "inevitable" is simple. People do not like her. And the more people see of her the less they like her. There is simply no help for that.

Now Democrats, at least the Party's moonbat base hate Republicans. They hate Republicans in general and George W Bush in particular more than they hate Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. For people motivated by hatred that strong the only goal in the upcoming election will be Republican defeat. As long as Mrs. Bill Clinton has the appearance of being the most electable candidate she will have a large base of support.

There is also a segment of the Democrat Party who remain head over heels in love with BJ Billy. These people tend to think that a vote for Hillary is a vote for a third term for Bill. In those people's minds Bill will be using Hillary as a hand puppet to govern the nation. Nothing that Mrs. Clinton can do will lose the support of those people (other than file for divorce).

The question is are there enough moonbat haters and Bill groupies to carry her over the top.

As for Huckabee, or Elmer Gantry as I call him, he won almost all of the Evangelical vote in a state which has a large number of evangelicals. Outside of that group he got almost no support. Will his Iowa win and the appearence of momentum it imparts to him be enough to cause other Republican voters to flock to him? I doubt it, but it is possible.