Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mr. Obama this is your wake up call

From The Washington Times:

"One of our favorite Bill Clinton anecdotes involves a confrontation he had with Bob Dole in the Oval Office after the 1996 election," the Wall Street Journal says in an editorial.

"Mr. Dole protested Mr. Clinton's attack ads claiming the Republican wanted to harm Medicare, but the president merely smiled that Bubba grin and said, 'You gotta do what you gotta do.'

"We're reminded of that story listening to Barack Obama protest his treatment by the now ex-President Clinton on behalf of his wanna-be-president wife. ...

"Now he knows how the rest of us feel," the newspaper said.

"The Illinois senator is still a young man, but not so young as to have missed the 1990s. He nonetheless seems to be awakening slowly to what everyone else already knows about the Clintons, which is that they will say and do whatever they 'gotta' say or do to win. Listen closely to Mr. Obama, and you can almost hear the echoes of Bob Dole at the end of the 1996 campaign asking, 'Where's the outrage?'

"This has been the core of the conservative critique of the Clintons for years. So it is illuminating to hear the same critique coming from Mr. Obama and his supporters now that his candidacy poses a threat to the return of the Clinton dynasty. Even Democrats are now admitting the Clintons don't tell the truth — at least until Mrs. Clinton wins the nomination."

He knew, it just didn't bother him when it was Republicans being lied about.