Tuesday, January 01, 2008

NRO offers their predictions for 2008

Here are some of the ones that caught my eye:

There will be worse pictures of Hillary than the one Drudge highlighted.

When Edwards packs it in, he will throw his support to Obama.

There will not be another 9/11 style attack on U.S. soil, but at least one will be thwarted as al-Qaeda proves desperate to give Bush a “goodbye present.”

Osama bin Laden will be killed. Some famous moron will proclaim that Bush “saved” Bin Laden’s death until the end to boost his “legacy.”

The surge in Iraq will be declared a victory, and Republicans will campaign on it November.

Bill Clinton will join the Obama campaign.

The National Intelligence Estimate assuring us that Iran ceased work on a nuclear bomb in 2003 will be “readjusted” in light of new evidence to suggest that they started up again in December 2007 when the report was issued.

Hillary Clinton goes negative on Oprah.

Hollywood writers continue to strike. No one outside Hollywood notices.

Michael Yon gets some of the credit he deserves.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will sign into law a sweeping school choice program.

Nancy Pelosi will use the phrase “…for the children…” in nearly every floor speech.

Running against Hillary Clinton — who will be tarnished once against by new campaign finance scandals — the House GOP will pick up a dozen seats in the House of Representatives, leaving Speaker Pelosi a greater challenge to manage an already unmanageable House.

After a surge in Iowa, Fred Thompson will win the GOP nomination and then be elected the 44th President of the United States.

Iran will continue developing nuclear weapons — with fewer economic or diplomatic impediments thanks to the intelligence community’s decision to substitute its own policy preferences for those of the White House.

The CIA will not undergo the reform it needs in 2008. The CIA’s principal tasks are to steal secrets — and to keep secrets. It recent years it has shown little facility for either.

The situation in Pakistan will continue to deteriorate leaving great uncertainty about that country’s nuclear weapons and technology and the use of its territory by al-Qaeda.

The renewal of the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue at Annapolis will lead nowhere.

The Syrian assault on Lebanon — on Lebanese freedom and democracy — will continue.

The “surge” in Iraq will continue to work. Sooner or later everyone will accept that 7-10 years of significant U.S. military presence is the minimum for getting a new government up and stabilized, (as the military predicted while planning the war).

Our culture will continue its downward plunge. Behavior that seemed genuinely shocking when it was first presented on, say, Sex in the City, is now the subplot of everything else, including news specials and crime shows. (Swingers, internet S&M hook-ups leading to death, etc. are discussed in early prime time on major networks.) Nothing big will happen to disrupt the appalling early sexualization of young girls.

Here are some Hillbilly White Trash predictions for the coming year:

One of the anti-war movies that no one went to see will win the Best Picture Oscar.

A damaged Hillary Clinton will win the Democrat nomination and lose the general election to a Thompson/Romney or Romney/Thompson Republican ticket.

Rudolph Giuliani will be either the Attorney General or, more likely, Secretary of Homeland Security in the upcoming Republican administration.

Sales of recorded music will continue to decrease due primarily to the fact that the majority of the record companies output is pure crap. The industry will continue in its state of denial and blame their customers for transferring music to their computers, iPods and other download devices.

There will be a tragic crash involving one of the new Airbus A-380 jets due to the way they were rushed into service.

Katie Couric will leave her anchor job at CBS.

On election night at least one anchor of a broadcast network or CNN will forget himself/herself in the excitement of the moment and start referring to the Democrat Party and its candidates as "we" and "us" and the Republican Party and its candidates as "them".