Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Proof at last!

From The BBC:

An image of a mysterious shape on the surface of Mars, taken by Nasa spacecraft Spirit, has reignited the debate about life on the Red Planet.

A magnified version of the picture, posted on the internet, appears to some to show what resembles a human form among a crop of rocks.

While some bloggers have dismissed the image as a trick of light, others say it is evidence of an alien presence.

The image is a recent Nasa posting of the Spirit's landing in 2004.


When the robotic rover set down on 24 January 2004, its images disappointed space-watchers hoping for signs of extraterrestrial life.

Now they appear convinced that this image provides the evidence they have been trawling Nasa's photo files for.

The blown-up image seems to resemble a figure striding among the Martian rocks.

This is quite obviously an alien hominid genetically engineered by the ancient galactic masters to live in the thin atmosphere of Mars.

Anyone who denies this has obviously been "gotten to" by NASA and the agents of the Bush administration.

Case closed.