Tuesday, January 15, 2008

slimy dick likes Crazy John

From FrontPage Magazine:

John McCain is starting to look like the candidate to beat for the GOP nomination. Not long ago, he was dismissed, unable to compete with Rudy Giuliani’s star power. But with New Hampshire, the tortoise has overtaken the hare.

If McCain wins Michigan on Tuesday (as he did in 2000), Rudy may find himself so far behind before he starts to run that he can never catch up.

McCain could even beat Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. His record taps into a latent populism that attracts Republicans, Democrats and Independents. His battle against big tobacco, efforts to address global warming, opposition to torture during interrogations and fight to reform corporate governance and to protect investors and pensioners appeal to voters of all stripes.

His issues cut across party and ideological lines, for an attraction far broader than the single notes sung by the evangelical Mike Huckabee and the anti-terror Giuliani. His heroism is apparent and his independence from special interests notable. He’s pro-life and suitably conservative on social issues, so he attracts conservatives as well as moderates. And his credentials on terrorism and other national-security issues are outstanding.

He’s got two main obstacles to overcome: his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants and his age.

* McCain denies that he backed amnesty (citing the fines that illegals would’ve had to pay to regularize their status under his bill), but conservatives have pinned the label on him so indelibly that it’s unlikely to come off no matter how hard he scrubs.

Ultimately, though, he can likely transcend the nativist vote and appeal to the broad spectrum of Republicans. Polls indicate that nobody really believes it is feasible to deport 11 million people back to their home nations. If we can’t do that, they’ll linger on our streets and in our fields forever, as illegal tomorrow as they are today, unless we move to meet them halfway.

The Pat Buchanans of the world will split their votes between Mitt Romney and Huckabee, so this negative is not likely to prove any more lethal in Michigan, New York or California than it was in New Hampshire.

* His age is a bigger problem. The New Hampshire and Iowa contests were animated by record turnouts. One Granite State voter in five had never voted before in a primary. (Obama carried them by 20 points.) An incredible 11 percent of voters were under 24. (Obama won them, 3 to 1.) With young people storming the polls, a 71-year-old candidate labors under a huge handicap.

But consider his competition: Giuliani, who draws from the same well, has squandered his early lead in what can only be described as a determined passivity. Fred Thompson is also catatonic.

And each primary provides more proof of how how unattractive voters find Romney. Despite massive spending and a field organization with all the efficiency and busy-tailed enthusiasm of a good car-rental company, he still can’t sell because people don’t like him. His vast checkbook will let him linger on past Michigan, but he loses traction with each balloting.

Huckabee has yet to show an ability to transcend social-conservative issues. His pledge to repeal the IRS and instead adopt a fair tax (i.e., a national sales tax) might help him “go secular,” but until he achieves that, he’s just a regional candidate - a good vice president pick, not top-tier material.

For the general election, McCain is unique among the GOP field because he can attract centrist votes. He’s every Democrat’s and independent’s favorite Republican. He doesn’t have Rudy’s hard edges or family problems, and he knows how to push a lot of populist hot buttons, from CEO pay to credit-card overcharges to hedge-fund tax shelters to subprime chicanery.

Being able to win doesn’t mean he will win. But McCain is clearly back.

What you must remember about slimy dick is that he is a left-liberal lover of big government. The absolute best time of his life was when he was standing at the right hand of Bill Clinton. As the man who conducted the polls and focus groups he had an inordinate amount of power over Clinton (who ran virtually every decision from where to go on vacation to what to name the family dog past a focus group) and this is where he most wants to be today.

In fact he would be there in the heart of the Hillary campaign except for the fact that Hillary did not like him and had him kicked out of her husband's inner circle. This is why he writes anti-Hillary essays and is constantly appearing on Sean Hannity's show giving advice to Republicans on how to beat Democrats.

But he is a left-liberal so his advice is nearly always to run to the left. His advice and predictions are also often wrong. For example during the 2004 presidential elections he declared that if US forces were still in Iraq on election day that George W Bush would lose in a landslide. He counseled the administration to declare victory and leave before the end of summer. Of course the president realized that the advice of a left-wing sexual deviate was worth considerably less than what he was paying for it and ignored slimy dick's warnings. The result is, of course, that we didn't cut and run from Iraq and Mr. Bush was reelected and we have all but won the war.

During the debate on Crazy John McCain's amnesty bill slimy dick was telling Republicans that Mexican-American voters were the future of the Party and that if we didn't embrace amnesty that Latino voters would rise up in mass and vote the GOP out of power forever. Of course he neglected to mention that legalizing at least 20 (not 12) million alien criminals would tilt the nation's political landscape so far to the left that the GOP would never win another election anyway, at least not as a conservative party.

But that was OK with slimy dick because he doesn't want the GOP to be a conservative party. Slimy dick's idea of heaven is the US becoming like Western Europe where the Social Democrats run against the Democratic Socialists and neither wins more than half the seats in the legislature so the Communist Party has to be brought in to a coalition government.

Back during the debate over the McCain-Kennedy (two peas in a pod) Alien Criminal Legalization Bill slimy dick predicted that it would pass because the American people really agreed with it and wanted it, all except for the "nativists" (translation: snaggletooth, hillbilly, redneck, racist, gun-owning, Pentecostal snake handlers).

He turned out to be badly mistaken (he should be well used to that by now) and now he wants another shot. Notice how he repeats the old canard about how impossible it is to deport "11 million" (rather than the more realistic number of 20+ million) back to where they belong. All of this even after the stories we read back in December about all of the criminal alien Mexicans who were going home for Christmas and not planning to return because things had gotten "too hot" for them in the US.

Next he'll start prattling about how they are "doing the jobs Americans won't do" despite the fact that we've seen real Americans standing in long lines to apply for the jobs vacated by alien criminals after an ICE raid.

No slimy dick here is what you do about illegal immigration. You make it "too hot" for the alien criminals in the US by making it too hard for them to find a job, too hard to find a place to live and too hard to escape detection. You also clean up the constitutional misunderstanding that says that a baby squirted out by a Mexican woman who has managed to get her hindquarters across the US/Mexico border is automatically an American citizen and you build a fence along the border and you'll see the numbers if alien criminals dwindle in the years ahead almost as quickly as they have increased in years past.

Of course slimy dick likes McCain because McCain is not a conservative. Before the Giuliani implosion he was talking about Rudy as the inevitable Republican nominee for the same reason. This is why he dismisses Fred Thompson and why he has dismissed Thompson from day one, even when Fred was number one or two in almost every poll. This is why he is so eager to count Romney out even though Romney is still leading in delegates, the only metric that really matters.

Fellow Republicans just remember that slimy dick is a Democrat at heart who can't be a Democrat operative as long as the Clintons run the Democrat Party. So he is attempting to create a comfortable home for himself in the GOP by transforming our party into his own image. If that is what you want to see when you look in the mirror than by all means seek out his advice and follow it.