Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tonight's Music

Tonight's video is the song Both Sides the Tweed" by Dick Gaughan and performed by Leiheidi. This song fits my mood tonight. It is about the Act of Union in which the English and Scottish Parliaments voted to end the existence of the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland and form in their place the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In practice this absorbed Scotland into England because of the great disparity of population and GDP between the nations. Scotland wound up sending a tiny handful of ministers to the Parliament in London who were promptly ignored and rendered completely irrelevant.

The common people of Scotland were absolutely opposed to the Act of Union and felt utterly betrayed by their legislature (members of which who voted for the Act suddenly found themselves in possession of estates in England - imagine that). After word of their Parliament's betrayal spread through Edinburgh the people rioted and would have lynched any pro-union legislator that fell into their hands.

I understand how they felt seeing the Party of Reagan handed over to an utterly unworthy creature like John McCain and would gleefully lynch any Republican traitor who would see a creature like him as our standard bearer.