Saturday, February 02, 2008

Another appeal to conservatives

Some liberal McCain-loving RINO asshat sent me an email asking me to join his "blogs for McCain" list. Of course there is zero chance of that happening, but the upside is that every time someone responds to that email or to any of the responses to that email I get a copy in my in box.

What I am seeing is that the McCain supporters are crowing about how they are finally going to be able to purge the conservatives out of the Republican party.

Jason Lewis mentioned this when he was subbing for Rush on Friday; that there is a coup going on in the Republican Party where the "moderate" wing of the Republican Party (moderates are liberals who are ashamed to call themselves liberals) is working with the actual Republican liberals to take back the party from the Reaganites.

Rush has hit on this point as well when he talks about how what he calls the "country club blue blood wing" of the party (also called "chamber of commerce Republicans") has always felt embarrassed by the genuine conservatives and sees McCain as their opportunity to get rid of them once and for all.

That the Republican Party cannot win national elections without its conservative base is of no concern to these people. They were quite happy in the pre-Reagan era when Republicans controlled 140-170 House seats (out of a 435 total).

I say that the worst thing that the Republican Party could do is to send the message that a RINO like McCain can win a national election. To do that would drive a stake through the heart of the conservative movement for at least a generation, and maybe for all time.

I beg all my fellow conservatives to trust in history. When Bill Clinton had a Democrat majority in both houses of congress he overreached and wound up handing congress to the Republicans. Republicans in congress proved themselves brilliant at opposing a liberal president and wound up giving the nation a strong economy because of the way they controlled spending.

Either Hillary or Obama will do the same thing and overreach. It is a flat out certainty. Hillary is too arrogant not to and Obama is too naive not to think that a victory for him means a mandate to remake the nation into a Marxist worker's paradise. Either one will bring about a Republican majority in the legislature and a Republican president in 2012.