Sunday, February 03, 2008

What does McCain have to do?

There is a great deal of talk now about what McCain has to do to reach out to and reassure conservatives in order to unify the party. This started me thinking about what McCain would have to say to cause me to consider voting for him.

First of all the likely answer is nothing. What can someone you don't trust say to make you start to trust them? Words, after all, are often less than worthless. It is actions which prove the intentions and character of a person and it is McCain's past actions which have caused conservatives, me included, to dislike and distrust him.

Well McCain is going to address CPAC so in the interest of being open minded and for the good of the party here is what McCain will need to say to at least cause me to entertain the idea of voting for him, provided he gets the nomination.

1. He must admit that his immigration reform legislation was amnesty. He must also admit that if it had been enacted that it would have given the Democrat party a permanent majority and destroyed the Republican party, at least as a conservative party. He must confess that his motives were purely personal ambition and that he knew that by the time the truly devastating consequences of his "reform" were felt that he would certainly be out of politics and probably dead of natural causes and that he was perfectly willing to see the Republican party and the nation ruined as long as he would not have to face any of the consequences for it.

2. He must admit that he has consistently attempted to harm the conservative movement and that he has made a habit out of betraying the Republican in order to gain the favor of the mainstream media.

3. He must admit that his campaign finance reform legislation was a direct attack upon the First Amendment and that its purpose was to protect incumbent politicians from criticism during the time right before elections, when the public is actually paying attention. He must state that he is fully aware that his campaign finance law was a direct violation of the oaths he swore when he joined the military and when he was sworn in as a Senator. He must clearly indicate that he understands that his actions in limiting the First Amendment freedoms of the American people were an act of treason against the Constitution and the people.

4. He must admit that his buying into the hoax of human-caused global warming was nothing more than a cheap pander which will harm the American economy and make the American people poorer for no good purpose. He must outline outline his program for allowing for the drilling of all America's oil resources, including ANWAR and all offshore areas including off the coast of Florida. He must also commit to transferring all of America's electricity production to nuclear on some reasonable time frame, like by 2075.

You are probably saying that there is absolutely no way in hell that McCain would ever come close to saying any of these things and you are probably right. However when dealing with a proven liar about the only thing they can say that can be trusted is an admission against their own interest.

Want proof? Let's have a show of hands. How many people believed Bill Clinton when he said that he didn't have sex with Monica? Now how many believed him when he admitted to having sex with Monica? See a whole lot more hands went up for the latter than the former.

Bottom line is that there really isn't anything the McCain can realistically say that will change my mind about him. However if he becomes president and seeks to repeal McCain-Feingold, rejects global warming junk science, appoints judges to the Supreme Court in the mold of Clarence Thomas and puts some mushroom clouds over Iran then I'll freely and publicly admit that I was wrong about him and support his reelection.

Then we can all ride a flying pig down to Hell for the big ice skating party.