Sunday, March 30, 2008

The moral blindness of the left

Jonathan Alter demonstrates why he is widely held to be an idiot:

We know why politicians lie when they get in trouble: they think the consequences of telling the truth are too severe to bear. That's why Richard Nixon lied about Watergate, and Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinsky. The more complicated question is why they fib—why politicians insist on stretching unimportant stories in ways that are easy to check and refute. Hillary Clinton's oft-told yarn about ducking sniper fire on the tarmac in Tuzla, Bosnia, in 1996 has gotten a lot of publicity, maybe too much. Her misrepresentation of her role in the Northern Ireland peace talks was more serious but less visual on YouTube. Even so, the Tuzla Tale tells us something about her insecurities and frustrations, which in turn helps explain why she's losing.

Hillary's lie about facing sniper fire in Tuzla and her lie about having played any significant part in the Northern Ireland peace talks are not mere "fibs". These kind of things are what Hillary is basing her candidacy upon and the fact that the incidents which she uses as credentials to prove her worthiness for high office seem to always turn out to be falsehoods is a matter of great importance and cannot be given "too much" publicity.

Of course it takes the following to establish Alter as both a true meathead and a soulless abomination:

The media mob was slow to pick up the story—Sinbad jokes had been circulating for weeks on Hillary's press plane without anyone following up. But Clinton finally fell victim to what might be called "pattern coverage." For years, Hillary has had occasional problems with the truth when attacked. (The firing of the staffers who ran the White House Travel Office in 1993 was ridiculously overcovered, but an independent probe later proved she was lying when she claimed she hadn't ordered it.) All it takes is a few such incidents for the press to identify a dreaded pattern, into which it then fits subsequent stories. No pattern, no frenzy.

For those of you who are either very young or spent the Clinton administration in a cave the Travel Office incident he refers to went this way. Hillary wanted to get rid of the low level government employees who ran the White House Travel Office. The Travel Office's job was to make travel arrangements for the press members who follow the president around when he leaves Washington.

Hillary wanted to place her own cronies in the office so instead of simply firing the current employees, which she had every right to do because they were "at will" employees who had no civil service protections, she accused them of embezzlement and had the FBI file charges against the head of the office, one Billy Dale (a thirty year government employee who would have retired a the end of the Clinton's term). It took the jury less than two hours to return a not guilty verdict.

Hillary was not content to simply remove the current people and install her friends. She had to attempt to destroy those who were occupying a place where she wanted someone else. She tried to send innocent people to federal prison in order to cover her decision to remove some low level government workers. This goes beyond simple thoughtlessness or arrogance and crosses the line will into the territory of the purely evil.

Let me say this again for the slow witted. Hillary Clinton attempted to frame a man whom she knew to be innocent for a federal crime and send him to prison so that she could give his job to one of her Arkansas buddies who had funneled money into Bill's campaign. This is not just politics as usual it is genuine evil.

Then when the whole affair blew up in the White House's face (the Dales were popular with the White House press corps so they didn't give the Clintons a pass like they usually did on this sort of thing) Hillary did what Clintons do in those circumstances and lied through her teeth.

That Alter thinks that this was "ridiculously overcovered" must mean that he thinks that what Clinton wanted to do to Mr. Dale was really not that big a deal.

This is understandable because as a member of the liberal elite Mr. Alter really does think that people like himself and the Clintons are better than the "little people" who may be destroyed at the convenience of their betters.

This is why I say that Jonathan Alter is a soulless abomination. Just like Hillary Clinton and her husband and John McCain for that matter because he persists in calling Mrs. Clinton "honorable". Anyone whose definition of the word "honorable" can stretch to fit a creature like Hillary Clinton has no more business in a position of responsibility than she does.

It is clear that the United States has spawned a class of amoral monsters who occupy the positions of leadership in the media, politics and the academy. The first step in purging our society of these loathsome and detestable moral lepers is to call them out without regard to position or party. Do not even recognize a common humanity with Hillary Clinton and with those who refuse to recognize her for what she is and tell the truth about it.