Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Operation Chaos

The Poison Preacher Scandal (or Pastorgate if you prefer) has so badly damaged B. Hussein Obama's standing with the voters, both in and out of the Democrat party, that he now stands virtually no chance of winning the general election against John McCain. Of course the election is months away and anything can happen. All it will take is for McCain to be caught on camera losing his temper and punching and kicking a cub scout while screaming the "F" word at the top of his lungs (something which could happen given McCain's insanity) to turn things around for the Democrats.

But as things stand now Obama is the Democrat party's weakest candidate.

So we must ask ourselves why Rush Limbaugh, who avows that he wants the Democrats to lose in November, is pushing his "Operation Chaos" whose stated goal is to get Hillary Clinton the nomination. Why, in other words, is Rush attempting to get the Democrat party's strongest candidate the nomination?

The better Hillary does in each of the upcoming primaries the greater her appeal to the Superdelegates will be. As Obama continues to sink in the polls even those Democrats who voted for him are starting to hope that the Superdelegates will step up and correct their mistake.

Every Republican vote Limbaugh generates for Hillary puts her one step closer to the White House. If she wins the general election I submit that we should call the withdrawal from Iraq (if that really happens, which I doubt) the Limbaugh Retreat. The lapsing of the Bush tax cuts should be called the Limbaugh Tax Increase. The socialized health care plan which Hillary will attempt to enact should be called LimbaughCare.

And so on down the line.

I do know that around 22% of the people who are currently supporting Obama say that they will not vote for Hillary, but how many of those people will actually carry through with that threat? I don't think too many of them will. As they see Obama's numbers shrink and see him consistently lose to McCain in the head to head polls I think most of them will be glad to slime her way into the nomination.

Just think about how many conservatives are willing to sacrifice their honor and integrity by supporting McCain just because they want to win. Do we really think that Democrats will have greater strength of character than Republicans?