Thursday, April 24, 2008

There are still some Republicans with balls

By now all of you have heard of the campaign ad by the North Carolina Republican party which draws the connection between a pair of NC Democrat politician who are running for reelection this year and Barack Obama and his insane racist pastor. Here is the ad:

There is nothing in any way remarkable about the fact that the Democrat party and its allies in the mainstream media are condemning this ad. This is standard operating procedure on the left. When a Republican makes an absolutely accurate point calling into question the character or experience or judgement of a Democrat and the left has no credible defense of their candidate to offer then they attempt to turn the situation around by accusing the Republicans of some kind of politically correct though-crime like racism or sexism.

This ad by the NC Republicans makes a dead-on accurate point. Barack Obama sat in a church for over 20 years while a paranoid racist pastor spewed hate filled "sermons" which, among other things, accused the United States government of creating the AIDS virus to wipe out black people and the importation of narcotics into the inner city to wipe out black people. He referred to the United States as the U S of KKK A and thundered "God Damn America" from his pulpit.

Obama called this pastor his friend and mentor. He joined this church after listening to this man preach and allowed this man to perform his wedding ceremony and to baptize his children. Obama and his wife have given tens of thousands of dollars to this church.

If these facts do not represent a legitimate question about the character and judgement of Barack Obama then literally nothing can.

Again, nothing about the Democrat or MSM response to this ad is surprising. Barack Obama is damned by the truth so the only refuge the party which is supporting him has is the lie and the smear. What is interesting is the reaction of supposed Republican John McCain.

The speed with which McCain rushed to a microphone to condemn this ad, which we need to remember contained not one word which wasn't absolute truth, threatened to shatter the speed of light.

To put this into context look at the way that McCain is out there trashing George W Bush for the federal response to hurricane Katrina.

The question that Republicans need to ask themselves is why is it that Mr. McCain has no problem attacking a fellow Republican for something which is not, for the most, part his fault but moves heaven and earth to shut down criticism of a Democrat which is entirely justified?

John McCain has the Republican nomination primarily because of early primaries where Democrats and independents were allowed to vote. However Republicans do not have to allow John McCain to speak for them.

Even if you feel that you must vote for McCain because he is the lesser evil you still do not have to allow him to do your thinking for you. John McCain does not speak for me. Not now and not ever. Leave a comment and let everyone know does McCain speak for you?