Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tonight's Music

Just a little late and with a speech included at no extra charge.

This is Irish group Dervish being a bit more traditional and a bit less fusion than we've seen them in the past.

On the group's website there is a note that the band is going to be performing at a protest rally in the Irish city of Sligo. What is being protested are cutbacks in cancer services at Sligo General Hospital. This is from the organization's website:

 Why should Cancer Patients in the North West have to leave their homes for up to seven weeks for Radio Therapy treatment leaving their children, family and friends?

 Why are some women in the North West left with no option but to have radical mastectomies because they cannot leave their children for weeks for Radio Therapy?

 Why should Cancer Patients in the North West have to travel hundreds of miles for assessment, diagnosis, surgery and treatment away from all they know and love at a time when they need this support most?

 Why should Cancer Patients suffer horrendous journeys over bad roads in ambulances/mini buses from early in the morning to late at night without rest after surgery and cancer treatment?

 Why should Cancer Patients have to leave their homes in the North West at three and four in the morning to get anything up to four buses to get to Dublin and Galway when they are suffering from cancer and the aftermath of surgery and treatment.

 Why should Cancer Patients have to travel to a packed Galway Hospital to be turned away because there is no bed for them?

What does this have to do with the music? Nothing, but it is a clear warning.

This is what you get with socialized medicine!

If American politics has taught us anything over the past two decades it is that the people still wield an enormous amount of power in the American political process - when they are united and determined to make their voice heard.

During Bill Clinton's first term he and Hillary developed a plan to socialize American health care. The Clintons had a Democrat controlled House and Senate whose leadership agreed that government health care was the right thing to do. They also had the mainstream media on their side and serving as little more than their propaganda ministry (as usual for Democrats).

In the end not even one Democrat voted for HillaryCare! The people learned the details of the plan and wanted nothing to do with it and their elected representatives realized that they could not support the plan and remain elected representatives and so it went down in flames.

Then just last year the president backed up by the leadership of both the Democrat and Republican parties attempted to force an amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens down the nation's throat. The people once again rose up and said HELL NO and the effort died.

They tried to revive the effort, remember Trent Lott auditioning for a role in the European Union bureaucracy by raving about how the "will of the Senate" would be done and the people be damned? That effort went down in flames as well.

We The People of the United States of America still rule this nation - when we choose to.

It does not matter who sits in the White House or who controls the House or Senate. If we withhold our consent from socialized medicine or amnesty or any other damn thing that we refuse to accept and if we are loud enough and persistant enough and united enough IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!