Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you suppose

We know that the next president is going to be either John McCain or Barack Obama . McCain hates Bush with a raging fury over his loss to Bush in the 2000 Republican primary. He described Bush as incompetent and stupid and has spent the last eight years attempting to undermine Bush in every area except the war in Iraq (and amnesty for alien criminals).

B. Hussein Obama has promised to have his Justice Department look into whether Bush can be charged with "war crimes".

It is safe to say that regardless of the outcome of the election Mr. Bush knows that he is going to be replaced by a man who hates him and wishes him harm.

So in light of all that do you suppose that as they pack up to leave the White House that George and Laura will steal china, silverware and art objects the way that Bill and Hillary Clinton did?

Do you suppose that George W Bush's staff will trash the work areas of the White House, pry the "O" or "M" keys off their computer keyboards or glue them down with superglue and leave pornographic photographs tucked into the paper cassettes of copiers and printers (and from one report I heard leave piles of human feces in chairs) the way that Bill Clinton's staff did when they vacated the White House for the Bush team?

Whatever Mr. Bush's faults and mistakes it has been nice for the past eight years to have an administration made up of adults as opposed to spoiled children.