Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Michelle Malkin presents us with some wisdom

Rich Lowry at NRO believes John McCain needs a new advisor such as Bill Kristol to help him focus on the “big picture” and end his constant zig-zagging on issues.

With all due respect, adding another Beltway political strategist to the McCain camp isn’t going to fix an un-fixable the problem. It’s not fundamentally flawed messaging, it’s a fundamentally flawed candidate. The sooner Republicans reconcile themselves to that, the better.

I couldn't agree more and for me "reconcile" means recognizing that when McCain won the Republican nomination that conservatives, the Republican party and the nation lost. McCain's victory in the Republican primary means that there is no possibility of a good (or even non disastrous) outcome to the November election.

Well there are three ways to get a good or at least not totally ruinous outcome this November. One would be if God decides not to answer Jeremiah Wright's prayer and damn America. The Almighty could show his continued goodwill toward the USA by dropping a moderately small asteroid onto wherever the first presidential debate is being held. Another would be a military coup or massive civilian uprising which the military declines to interfere with. And finally rank and file Republicans might decide to descend upon the Republican convention and intimidate the delegates into dumping McCain and brokering an outcome which would give the GOP a real conservative nominee.

My preference would be for the last. The look on crazy John's face as he had the nomination taken away from him again by the hated conservatives would be priceless.

I know. . . but a man can dream can't he?