Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Murtha redeploys to the nearest elevator

Here is an amusing video of Congressman Jack Murtha running for an elevator when asked if he wishes to issue an apology to the Marines he slandered by accusing them of murder before the investigation into the Haditha incident had scarcely begun.

Note the way that Murtha attempts to deflect criticism of his actions by referencing his past military service. This tactic was also used by John Kerry who constantly reminded anyone who would listen that he served in Vietnam. We are also seeing this from the McCain camp which answers every criticism of Senator McCain by reminding us that he was "tortured for his country".

Let me first state that every man and woman who puts on this nation's uniform and serves honorably deserves the gratitude and respect of every American. However that gratitude and respect do not extend to either a blanket entitlement or a blanket immunity.

Jack Murtha is not excused from his reprehensible actions because he served in the Marine Corps in Korea. John Kerry was not entitled to be president because he was a Vietnam combat veteran and the fact that John McCain stood up to torture with enormous courage in the Hanoi Hilton does not change the fact that since entering politics he has been a black-hearted back-stabbing Judas who does not deserve his Senate seat, much less the Oval Office.

Heroic action at Normandy or the Chosin Reservoir or during the Tet Offensive or the battle for Fallujah certainly entitles you to a respectful hearing whenever the subject of military affairs comes up and it certainly entitles you to a heartfelt thank you from your fellow citizens, expecailly those of us who never wore the uniform. But past service does not entitle you to a free pass from the consequences of illegal or immoral actions and it certainly does not entitle you to rule over your fellow citizens, especially if you are an idiot - like Jack Murtha, John Kerry and John McCain.