Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A good idea

The Dowager Viscountess had this to say about the post about Muslim offense against the Scottish police advertisement featuring a photograph of a puppy:

Hmmm, so one could consider having a doggy around or even having pics of dogs the same as hanging garlic about to ward off vampires? This tidbit might come in handy in the future!
This started me to thinking. Do you remember that story by Robert Heinlein called "The Man Who Sold The Moon"? Heinlein wrote this is 1949 when the idea of even launching satellites into earth orbit was new. The story involves a businessman who develops the first rockets which can reach the moon, but he needs funding to develop his idea. So he goes to "Moka-Cola" wearing a button depicting the full moon with a giant "6+" logo (their chief competitor) on it and then to someone from the US government with a full moon button with a giant hammer and sickle plastered across its face.

He explains that it would be possible to place an image on the face of the moon by firing rockets with payloads of powdered coal programed to impact in the right pattern on the lunar surface.

He then explains that for a fee he could be persuaded not to do such a thing. Coke and Uncle Sam pony up the cash and thus begins the colonization of the moon.

As I said this started me thinking. The idea of using powdered coal to create a pattern on the lunar surface is absolutely sound from a technological point of view. What if we placed a large image of a dog standing next to a pig on the moon so that every time Muslims looked up into the night sky they were forced to view those hateful images? What if they knew that even when they couldn't see the moon that it was still there the dog and pig looking down upon them, mocking their faith and their prophet?

You know, we could even add that picture of Mohamed with the bomb in his head rag that gets them so riled up!

What would happen? Would they kill each other off in a mass wave of rioting?

It's worth thinking about.