Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Some hope for the High Court

No matter who wins the White House in November the Democrats are going to control the Senate and that means that even if McCain wins and then acts completely against character and attempts to appoint rock-solid conservatives in the mold of Scalia and Thomas he will not be able to do so. There will simply be too much Democrat resistance.

Of course we know what kind of people Obama will appoint in that he has already told us that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is his ideal for a Supreme Court justice.

However all is not lost.

IF there are enough Republicans left in the Senate to filibuster a judicial appointment (not certain, but at least very possible) then there is a strategy which could work very much in our favor. The one drawback is that it will require the Republicans in the Senate to stick together and exhibit extraordinary political courage.

I pause here to let the reader stop laughing.

Here is what we do. When the next president (whether it's Obama appointing a clone of Ginsberg or McCain "facing facts and appointing someone who can be confirmed") appoints someone who would not only reverse Heller but also state that the Constitution says that we can't even own pointy things (like they're doing in the UK even as we speak) the Republicans just filibuster the nomination.

We know that there are two far left moonbats on the court who are hanging on by their fingernails in order to have a Democrat choose their replacements. These two simply can't hold out for another four years.

With one nomination blocked the court becomes 4 conservatives to three liberals with Kennedy losing the power to be the swing vote. All he will be able to do is make the majority or be the one who makes it tied. When the other leftist has to quit or just dies one day in his office the Republicans block the vote on his/her replacement as well.

That way there are four conservatives against two liberal activists with Kennedy completely irrelevant.

Of course if Obama wins the Republicans would have to work to block the Senate from adjourning so that he couldn't make a recess appointment (the way the Democrats are doing now to keep Bush from making recess appointments).

In this scenario the four conservative justices could then undo much of the damage which has been done by generations of activists.

Is any of this likely? Probably not. After all it depends on the Senate Republicans acting with courage and conviction and staying unified against everything the mainstream media can throw at them.

But it could work.