Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McCain still leads

PRINCETON, NJ -- It's official: Barack Obama has received no bounce in voter support out of his selection of Sen. Joe Biden to be his vice presidential running mate.

Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Aug. 23-25, the first three-day period falling entirely after Obama's Saturday morning vice presidential announcement, shows 46% of national registered voters backing John McCain and 44% supporting Obama, not appreciably different from the previous week's standing for both candidates. This is the first time since Obama clinched the nomination in early June, though, that McCain has held any kind of advantage over Obama in Gallup Poll Daily tracking.

This surprises me. Usually the candidate, any candidate, gets a bump out of his convention and his vice presidential pick.

This is even more surprising when you consider that the liberal mainstream media (I know redundant) is able to whip up enough enthusiasm for the Democrat to have him leading at this point in any election.

But it seems that the better the public gets to know B. Hussein Obama the less they like him.