Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. - UPDATED

Another deeply disturbing parallel between the old and the new:

There is no one more vile than he who corrupts the young.

This is what it looked like when children sang to the prior messiah:

Great minds think alike. The People's Cube noticed the same thing I did:

Then John Raytheon produced this video:

From his commentary:

One of the most horrific things about both the Nazis and the Communists was the way in which they indoctrinated children. Children were encouraged to place the State — and especially the states leader, whether Hitler or Stalin — above the family, and to give their loyalty to the former, not the latter. Unhappy parents discovered that the states spy network extended to their own home, with their children, having been completely reprogrammed by the state, turning them in for whatever the average 9 year old deemed to be a treasonous infraction.

This is what Mao did in China,'s what Stalin did in Russia, ...and remember the HITLER YOUTH? Chavez and Castro also have their youth brigades. Now you have little Americans in nice little blue state uniforms with "hope" on it being indoctrinated by Obama staffers to become good little socialists, praising the hope and change, and the great leader Barack Obama. Far Left wing parents abusing their kids for their own sick demented extremist political views. = UnAmerican

UPDATE: Our friend Hyunchback tells us that the original video has been pulled from YouTube. Other copies of it have been uploaded, however and I have substituted one of them. Apparently the Obama campaign realized just how damn creepy and evil it looked. However the damage has been done. Once more we have seen a window opened into the very soul of B. Hussein Obama and the view it has given us has been hellishly ugly.

Once again we see the inescapable comparison between Barack Obama and the most evil and murderous dictators of the twentieth century. Nobody thought it could happen in Germany. Germany was the most technologically advanced nation in Europe. Germany was the birthplace of great scientists, philosophers, authors and composers. Of all the nations of Europe the Jewish population of Germany was the most fully assimilated into mainstream society. Surely if any nation of Europe was to descend into barbarism it could not be Germany.

Yet because the population was frightened by economic hard times they surrendered their liberty to a demagogue with a mesmerizing public speaking style who presented Germany with a hopeful plan to change Germany and restore it to its rightful place in the world.

Today we see the same thing happening in the United States. A spellbinding orator and his band of fanatical followers are using a combination of soaring rhetoric and thuggish street-level tactics to convince a frightened population that the road to salvation lies in giving the state control of virtually every aspect of the national life.

It has been noted that if tyranny ever comes to the United States that it will be heralded by cries of "It Can't Happen Here".