Friday, September 05, 2008


Sometimes the sweetest four words in the English language are "I told you so".

As anyone who regularly reads this blog knows I have been a consistent opponent of John McCain. I and a certain percentage of the Republican base refused to reconcile ourselves to this man as the leader of our party.

We recognized that a man who had secured prominence for himself by going before the left-wing media and trashing the Republican party and the conservative movement, a man whose signature legislation was the anti First Amendment campaign finance reform bill and whose most passionately advocated issue was amnesty for the alien criminals who are doing so much harm to our nation simply should not be rewarded with the presidency - at least not on his terms.

We understood that if McCain had his way he would transform the Republican party into a carbon copy of himself. We knew that the GOP remade into the party of McCain would never be able to elect a majority to either house of congress and would never be able to take the Oval Office.

We looked ahead to the future which McCain offered us and saw as much as a quarter century of Pelosi/Reid congresses and Obama/Clinton presidencies stretching out before us.

We understood that the United States could not survive that and remain a free and prosperous nation.

So we refused to make peace with McCain on his terms.

Had we done so McCain would have been emboldened to follow his heart and pick a pro-abortion man like Joe Lieberman (who has this year donated over $100,000.00 to help enlarge the Democrat majority in the Senate) to be his running mate.

Had we struck our colors and bowed the knee to John McCain the convention which has so energized the party and filled us with so much optimism would have looked like Thursday night's parade of RINO's from start to finish.

We who held fast to our principles paid a price for our courage. We were subject to ridicule and attack from the cringing rabbit wing of the party. We were accused of acting like spoiled children who were going to take our ball and go home because we didn't get "our guy" (whoever that was).

On my own blog I was cursed and insulted by people who couldn't understand why I wouldn't just close my eyes and drink the kool-aid. Why I wouldn't put my mind into cold storage for the duration and just go along with the pack.

I and those like me watched as our supposed leaders, the big names in the conservative media, the blogosphere and talk radio lined up against us. Eventually we found ourselves with no champion save one, the beautiful, the brave, the brilliant Miss Ann.

Ann Coulter picked up the banner of Ronald Reagan from the mud where it was being trampled and pissed on by poltroons like Tim Pawlenty (a man who is not fit to clean the toilets in the Reagan library) whose puling battle cry is "Reagan is dead, get over it and move to the left".

Miss Ann took that banner and held it aloft and even on the darkest day we could still look to her and know that we were not alone. And there were others. Chris Muir and Mark Levin did not sell their souls either.

But still the beacons of light shining out of the darkness seemed so few and so far between that sometimes it seemed that the darkness must eventually win out.

But we did not give in. Our love for our nation, our conservative movement and our GOP was too strong so we held out and we refused to still our voices. We suffered abuse for our efforts. Abuse which was hurled at us by the very people we were trying to save from themselves. Like a lifeguard trying to rescue a drowning man who in his panic is lashing out at his savior and trying to pull him under so that they will both drown we were bathed in the vitriol of fellow Republicans who were too short-sighted to see that they were driving our party over a cliff.

We held out and we prevailed. We would not make peace with McCain on his terms so we forced him to make peace with us on our terms. We drove him to his RINO knees and forced him to choose a genuine conservative running mate.

That's right we, the holdouts, the bitter-enders, the mocked and reviled minority who put principle over party and chose the right thing over the safe or easy thing gave you Sarah Palin. We gave the Republican party back its future.

Thanks to us, the ones who understood that even if the body of Reagan was laid down to the ground that the ideals of Reagan would live for eternity, the Republican party is now the party of Palin and the party of the future.

Thanks to us conservatism lives again.

Someone emailed me and asked if I intended to keep up the Dump McCain Now blogroll now that I have given my support to the McCain/Palin ticket.

Hell yes that blogroll stays up. It is a legion of honor for those of us who held out and who saved the rest of your sorry asses from yourselves.

As for those of you who took one look at Obama then shit yourself from fear and ran to McCain to protect you from the big bad liberal - no matter what the cost - you know who you are and on some level you have to know what a disaster it would have been to the nation if you had gotten your way and we had just shut up and climbed onto the McCain bandwagon all those months ago.

The line for those wishing to apologize and seek forgiveness forms to the right.