Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a word before I go

Just a word as I'm on my way out the door. I've had more work dumped on me since the end of last week than I have in the whole preceding month. So I haven't had much time to post. I have several things saved up to bring to your attention and I will try to start posting them this evening.

I'll mention this before I sign off. Last Friday Sarah Palin came to Asheville to speak at the Civic Center. Asheville, you will know if you read here regularly or live in the area, is the moonbat capital of the Southeast and is working hard to become the East Coast San Francisco.

The Civic Center was packed to overflowing. People stood in line for hours for a chance to see Governor Palin and thousands were turned away because there simply wasn't room for them inside.

If there is this much of an outpouring of affection for Mrs. Palin in a town where Obama yard signs outnumber bars of soap (just hang out in downtown on a hot summer day if you doubt me) then I refuse to believe that this election is anything but very much in play.

The most reliable polls show Obama with a lead of less than fiver points. All polls always err in favor of the Democrat in every presidential election. Obama's own campaign says in internal memos that if he isn't up by over five points on next Monday night that he will lose.

Look at what has been happening with early voting. We were told that the early voting might just be what is going to give Obama his margin of victory. This is, in fact, why Democrats have been pushing early voting for years. They know that as the election gets closer people begin paying more attention to the candidates and that the favorable impression which the MSM is able to create about the Democrat candidate always begins to crumble under closer scrutiny. The left hopes to use early voting to lock in the Democrat lead by getting people to the polls to vote Democrat before they know any better.

Yet the numbers from every state with early voting, even California the most left-wing state in the Union, show that early voters are evenly divided among Democrats and Republicans.

Where is the tsunami of support for Obama?

One of the ways that polling organizations are using to produce the Obama lead is by increasing the sample size of groups which are expected to turn out in greater numbers to vote this year than have in the past. Young voters and blacks are expected to show up at the polls in far greater numbers to vote for Obama this year yet the early voting patterns show voter participation this year is almost the same as in every recent election.

The attempt by the Obama campaign and its propaganda organs (otherwise knows as the mainstream media) to create an aura of inevitability around Obama may be backfiring. The very groups who Obama needs to turn out in unusually large numbers to put him over the top are the ones most likely to believe the line of crap coming out of the MSM about how Obama has already won. This makes it very easy for them to put off going down to vote early and will make it very easy for them to not bother getting up early and standing in line on election day.

As things are right now I stand behind my prediction that McCain/Palin will win by a narrow margin. And a big part of the reason for the Obama loss will be the over the top performance of the MSM.