Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Obama fatigue is setting in and he isn't even president yet

Viewership for President-elect Barack Obama's weekly YouTube "fireside chats" has tanked, dropping more than 50 percent since his initial video three weeks ago.

"I've heard a lot of puffed-up rhetoric about how this is going to change the face of politics and how it's going to be FDR's fireside chats. The data doesn't back it up," said David Burch, marketing manager for TubeMogul, which tracks YouTube video views.

The first video address, released four weekends ago, drew 789,868 viewers over its first three days and is nearing 1 million total, according to TubeMogul's figures. But the second video was viewed 451,077 times in three days, Thanksgiving weekend's video garnered 152,222 views, and this weekend's fourth installment had about 370,000 views as of Monday evening.

Interest in Mr. Obama's postelection YouTube channel, ChangeDotGov, is down substantially overall compared with the heady days of his campaign, when BarackObama.com regularly cracked the top 10 channels and some of his videos drew more than 5 million views.

You'll remember that during the campaign the little messiah was very short of specifics only promising that there would be change and a new way of doing politics. Remember how he promised to populate his administration with fresh faces from outside of Washington and how he said that you couldn't solve any of our problems by playing "musical chairs" by shuffling the same people into different jobs?

Well now that he's president-elect and is filling his administration with Clinton administration retreads folks are starting to wonder if they haven't been swindled by a giant Chicago-style street hustle.

Add to this the fact that the little messiah seems to be backing off of his promise to raise taxes on "the rich". That he seems to be preparing to keep troops in Iraq until the war is won and that he may not even close Guantanamo Bay (and he's even hinting that there will NOT be any push for new gun control laws) and the insane left-wing moonbats who were his most fanatical supporters (you know, people like Mr. Tingles and Keith Olbermann) have to be scratching their heads.

You also have to consider the fact that American tend to be very turned off by little men with giant egos and virtually everything Obama has done since the election seems calculated to show off just how small a man he is and just how very much he thinks of himself.