Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The little messiah goes RINO hunting

This could ruin their reputation: President-elect Barack Obama Tuesday evening attending a dinner party at the home of conservative columnist George Will, attended by fellow conservatives William Kristol and David Brooks.

The press pool following the president-elect reported that he left his temporary home at Washington’s Hay-Adams hotel Tuesday evening and arrived a short time later at Will’s home in the Maryland suburbs. A press pool photographer shot a photo of Kristol, an editor of the Weekly Standard, and Brooks, a columnist at the New York Times.

The "conservative" guests at this dinner are all inside-the-beltway RINO's or borderline RINO's who, for the most part, care far more about being invited to appear on the Sunday shows - and the right cocktail parties - than they do about the fate of either the nation or the Republican party.

As far as I'm conserned the little messiah is welcome to them.