Friday, February 13, 2009

A RINO grows a pair

WASHINGTON -- New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg withdrew from consideration as Commerce secretary Thursday, saying his differences with the Democratic White House ran too deep.

The announcement was a fresh embarrassment for an administration rocked by a number of setbacks. While his recent predecessors each lost one or two early cabinet nominees, Mr. Obama has lost three less than a month into his term. And Mr. Gregg's withdrawal comes two days after a bank rescue plan was widely panned by financial markets and lawmakers from both parties, partly because of its lack of detail.

Mr. Obama was able to celebrate this week a victory with a congressional agreement over his economic-stimulus plan, but his goal of attracting widespread bipartisan support has faltered, and the Gregg move means his cabinet can no longer claim a trio of Republicans.

It is a mark of just how destructive and far left-liberal (sorry, redundant) that Mr. Obama's ideas are that he can't even get the usual RINO suspects to sign on to them. Yes, the two Senators from Maine and Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter voted for the giant "fund-the-left pork bill" but those three are special cases, being so stupid that they don't realize that they are members of the Communist Party of the USA.

And speaking of RINO's we note with some amazement that even Crazy John McCain and his detestable little butt-boy Lindsey Graham aren't busy assembling one of their "gangs" to aid the left in passing their "let's turn America into Venezuela" bill.

Too loony-left for John McCain to stomach? That's like getting kicked out of the SS for being too antisemitic.

The three RINO's in the Senate who voted for the Socialism Bill sealed their fates. The Democrats in their states will prefer to have real, as opposed to faux, Democrats representing them and Republicans will not turn out to save the jobs of people who use their position as a platform from which to stab them in the back.

And the Republicans who managed to maintain party discipline and stand together on principle have fired the first shot in both the 2010 congressional elections and the 2012 presidential race. By remembering who they were and what they were sent to Washington to do (hint, it wasn't "reach across the aisle" and be "bi-partisan") they have taken the first step down the road to recovering their credibility with conservative voters.

The next step for them will be resisting the Orwellian "Fairness Doctrine" which the left longs to reimpose on talk radio in order to silence the one portion of the mass media which hasn't gone beyond mere bias and become a voluntary extension of the White House press office.

The GOP has its work cut out for it over the next two years. We need to support them when they do the right thing and beat them without pity when they drift off the reservation. Only by standing together on firm conservative ideas can we hope to drag the nation back from the edge of the cliff which Obama and his minions are determined to push it over.