Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Since the West has no will to survive

From American Thinker:

The Obama administration looks like it's going to acquiesce in the face of a nuclear-armed radicalized Pakistan, just as Jimmy Carter bowed down low in the face of Ayatollah Khomeini. Soon we will have two radicalized Muslim states with nuclear weapons and long-range missiles: A Shiite Iran, and a Sunni Pakistan.

Afghanistan is slipping out of control. But worse, Afghanistan is no longer the main battleground: a Taliban-controlled Pakistan is.

And in case you've forgotten, in the decade before 9/11 Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaida suiciders found safe haven with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Talibs are Islamist fanatics just like Ahmadinejad. They will die for Allah. That means they may not be rational actors in the Western sense. They certainly will stir up terror attacks in India and maybe Sri Lanka and the Philippines, just as the Iranians are sponsoring terrorist proxies in Lebanon, Gaza and Egypt.

Once they have nuclear weapons, they will have safe havens for further terrorist attacks. Expect nuclear weapons and long-range missiles to start spreading even faster.

Weakness? Our enemies have taken the measure of Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are not bothering to wait. They know this is Jimmy Carter II in the White House, and they are acting accordingly. Expect push, push, push on all the fronts: South America with Chavez, Ortega and the Castro brothers, now trying to control Brazil; Africa with Zuma, another mad radical now in control of the modern state of South Africa; the Sudan under its genocidal regime, backed by the Arab League and tolerated by the UN; Iran and Syria now within reach of their own nukes and missiles; and Russia, which will play big power games in the Middle East as long as it hurts the West.

The Taliban just accepted Pakistan's surrender in six provinces. They promptly moved on the seventh province, and are now within a day's drive of the capital of Pakistan. And the West? The West can't even hold down medieval terrorist pirates in little speed boats, who are making a good living off kidnapping Westerners and terrorizing Western shipping companies. The pirates are making the West pay for the Shabab Islamist rebellion in Somalia.

Remember Osama Bin Laden's strong horse and weak horse? Barack Obama is the weak horse. The Muslim world may have hated Bush, but they despise weakness.

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It is just possible that a radical Islamist takeover in Pakistan could be the best possible thing to happen.

Of course the United States under the "leadership" of on B. Hussein Obama will do nothing in the face of such a catastrophe (other than seek to appease) however India might very well invade and crush the new Islamofascist state, destroying or capturing its nuclear weapons.

I have long said on this blog that India would be a far better ally for the US than most of Old Europe. The Indians have the kind of hatred of Islam that only people forced to share a border with an Islamic state or forced to endure the presence of a large Muslim minority living among them can feel. That is the Indians have the natural reaction to Islam of any sane people forced to see it up close - revulsion.

India has already indicated that it if pushed it would consider the limited nuclear strike that Pakistan could launch against it an acceptable price to pay for the eradication of Muslim Pakistan.

An out and out Islamist takeover of Pakistan is likely one of the contingencies which would trigger an all out invasion of Pakistan by India and since the United States and Western Europe will not do what must be done to preserve their own culture from the barbarians seeking to destroy it all the civilized and sane people of the West (there are still some) can do is hope that some third party will step up and defeat our enemies for us.

Now if we can just get Israel to take out Iran. . .