Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Us or them

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In case you haven't seen this video clip, this is celebrity moron Janeane Garofalo on the Keith Olbermann show commenting on the Tea Parties.

Now even when I was blogging daily I doubt that I would have made much of this for two reasons. One is that Garofalo and Olbermann are a pair of class-A idiots. Nothing they have to say about anything can be of the slightest interest to anyone who isn't also an idiot.

However I have recently reassessed that opinion. You see Olbermann's show isn't on Air America or some big left-wing city's public access cable channel. It is on MSNBC, which is a subsidiary of NBC's news department.

Think about that for a minute. What transpires on Olbermann's show is a product of NBC news.

That should frighten you.

Nearly every outlet of the mainstream media has become the moral equivalent of Der Strummer, the ,Völkischer Beobachter, Pravda or The Daily Worker. In other words propaganda sheets spewing the party line. But with this critical difference. In Nazi Germany, the USSR, Castro's Cuba or any other totalitarian nation the press is owned by and utterly controlled by the government. A reporter who tells the truth about something like the murder of the Jews or the famine in Ukraine can expect a bullet through the back of the head or at the very least a long stay in a concentration camp.

"Journalists" in America have voluntarily done this to themselves.

The fact that our "free" press has willingly given themselves over to be the tools of a Castro-in-waiting underscores what I have reluctantly come to believe is a fact; that the internal differences dividing the "right" from the "left" in America cannot be settled short of bloodshed.

The fact is that after contemplating things like Al Franken's theft of a Senate race in Minnesota, Dan Rather's attempt to sabotage George W Bush's presidential campaign using forged documents, Al Gore and the Democrat party's unforgivable conduct in Florida in the 2000 presidential election, Miss California's incredibly shabby and vile treatment at the hands of an almost unbelievably moronic celebrity gossip blogger, the Obama regime's apparent intent to prosecute former Bush administration officials and ten thousand other insults and offenses both large and small I no longer even want to seek a peaceful solution to the nation's internal divisions.

I would accept a partition of the nation into "Real America" on one side and the "People's Democratic Republic of Euromerica" or some such on the other - but I don't think that will happen. In the first place the progressives (or socialists or Democrats or what ever you want to call them) would never willingly let the red states go. What they are about is power and they will never release subjects without a fight.

The other reason why the nation will not be peacefully partitioned is that the two sides simply hate each other too much to be satisfied with anything less than the spilling of the other side's blood.

So what happens now? Must the fighting break out today or tomorrow? No, but it will break out. Unless the part of the public which still upholds the values and ideals of the Founders has lost the will to survive (a real possibility) there WILL be civil war.