Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Driving in the final stake

I've had a couple of emails asking why I didn't post anything about the cap and trade massive tax increase on all forms of energy (except for those that are already massively expensive like wind and solar).

The short answer is that it it is not a real threat. The carbon tax legislation is being used as a distraction and decoy to get conservatives and genuinely moderate Democrats to exhaust themselves before Obama's socialized medicine scheme comes up for a vote. It is also a sop to throw to radical environmentalists who have this dog and pony show in the House of Representatives to show them how the jackass party is in there fighting for the planet. And it is a way for San Fran Nan to flex her muscles and show the world that the "First Woman Speaker" (tm) is POWERFUL and can move the legislation she wants past Republican obstruction!

Meanwhile the bill is destined to die a quiet death in the Senate because the legislation would ruin the American economy and everyone with a brain (which leaves out the more ardent Democrat rank and file) knows it.

Senators will not ruin the American economy (although they will burden and damage it) because it is the engine of productivity which generates those massive piles of tax revenue the spending of which is the Washington politician's primary source of power.

This doesn't mean that we shouldn't call our Senators and tell them to vote against this pile of garbage disguised as legislation. We should melt the phone lines to the Capital switchboard when the Senate takes this up just as we did when the House was voting on it. It wouldn't hurt to drop by your Senator's local office during the July 4th break and register your opinion in person. It doesn't matter if the Senator is there or not a record is kept of each person who visits and the Senator will hear about the people who took the trouble to register their opposition in person.