Sunday, July 12, 2009

He couldn't get a security clearance either

Barack Obama, with his past associations, literally could not get the security clearance that he would need in order to be a janitor in the FBI building or CIA headquarters in Langley.

And we made him president.

MCLEAN, Virginia - The federal government's most secure prison has determined that two books written by President Barack Obama contain material "potentially detrimental to national security" and rejected an inmate's request to read them.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali is serving a 30-year sentence at the federal supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, for joining al-Qaida and plotting to assassinate then-President George W. Bush. Last year, Abu Ali requested two books written by Obama: "Dreams from My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope."

But prison officials, citing guidance from the FBI, determined that passages in both books contain information that could damage national security.

This is no great surprise. A comparison of the writing style in the books which have Obama's name on them and books which William Ayers is known to have written reveals a strong likelihood that Obama's books were ghost written by Ayers.

Also Ayers is a prolific writer but during the times in which the two Obama books were being written Ayers published nothing, not even a short article in an academic journal.

Ayers is an unrepentant communist terrorist who planned and participated in terrorist bombings on US soil. He belonged to a terrorist organization which had as a goal staging a communist revolution which would carve the United States into several zones (like Germany after WWII) some of which would be under the control of the USSR, Cuba and North Vietnam. The Weather Underground, Ayers communist terrorist group, believed that large numbers of Americans would have to be sent to "reeducation camps" where at least 22 million of them would die in order to cement the new regime's control over the nation.

So the fact that passages from two books written by Ayers have been found to be a threat to national security does seem to be something to be expected.

I am a bit surprised that anyone in the federal prison system or the FBI had the courage to step up and call a spade a spade, but sometimes miracles do happen.