Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Damned out of his own mouth

The White House lie machine is now claiming that the video of the little tin messiah proclaiming his desire for socialized medicine is a series of statements spliced together to make Obama appear to say something the opposite of his true meaning.

I leave it to you to judge. Does this video look like it is an edited together collection of phrases taken out of context or does it have all the appearance of a naturally flowing in-context statement of Mr. Obama's desire to turn the health care system of the United States into a copy of that "enjoyed" by the citizens of Canada (you know the people who swarm to the US for their medical treatment whenever humanly possible)?

Now here is a video which is an edited together string of statements from Obama and congressional Democrats in which Obama talks about his commitment to single-payer health care and the congressmen confirm that the plan currently under discussion will kill the private insurance industry and lead to single payer.

Do any of these statement appear to be artfully arranged to convey a meaning other than that intended by the speaker?

I don't think so.

Remember who we're dealing with here. B. Hussein Obama is the man who said that he had so much on his plate dealing with the normal problems of the presidency that the last thing he wanted was to have to worry about running banks. Yet now that many of the banks which received bailout money have turned their financial situation around and become profitable again and are trying to pay the money back, with interest, Obama is refusing to take it.

Obama will not take billions of dollars from banks even though the government is running a massive deficit because he refuses to give up control of the banks.

Barack Hussein Obama will not willingly give up any amount of power under any circumstance.

Does anyone honestly doubt that he craves absolute government control over the health care of every American?

Does anyone honestly doubt that Obama would be unwilling to sign any health care "reform" legislation that did not move America meaningfully in the direction of socialized medicine?