Monday, August 31, 2009

On proper constituent relations

Just a quick post before I run off to work.

Democrats are bleating that the people showing up for the townhall meetings are being rude and making it impossible to have a reasoned discussion about the proposed health care legislation. I'm noticing that even left-liberal callers to talk radio shows are taking up that theme.

Here's my response.

When the Democrat party attempted to pass a massively complicated 1000 page bill before the August recess in such a hurry that no legislator, much less any member of the public, would have had time to even skim the bill - much less study it in detail - they surrendered any right or expectation of a "calm and reasoned debate".

Since the healthcare "reform" bill will not go into effect until 2013, if enacted into law, what's the fraking hurry?

The ONLY reason for the almighty rush was to try and ram the bill down the nation's throat before anyone had a chance to find out what was in it.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid and their various henchmen failed to pull an end-run around the people and now the terrible anger of the people has been aroused against them (sort of the way it was against the Japanese after Pearl Harbor) and NOW the politicians want everyone to slow down and be reasonable.

Well I say not just NO, but HELL NO!

The only hope the public has of killing this abomination is to convince lawmakers that the survival of their individual careers rest upon the failure of this piece of legislation.

To that end the louder the primal scream of hate and rage we can direct at them the better.

We need to do anything and everything short of shooting them down like the damn dogs they are.

We need to send them back to Washington literally shitting themselves in blind terror of what we'll do to them if they attempt to shove this legislative turd down our collective throat.

I'm not saying that we need to do any actual violence but we want them to wake up screaming from the most realistic nightmares they've ever had about being torn limb from limb by angry mobs of their constituents if they defy the public's will in this matter.

That seem to be the only thing that will sway them from this path of national ruin they seem determined to take us down.