Thursday, August 27, 2009

One down. . .

As you all know by now Ted Kennedy has kept his appointment with Satan's toaster oven where he will spend the rest of forever paying the full price for his many acts of pure evil. From abandoning a young woman to die to torturing her parents by showing up at her funeral wearing a neck brace (the only time he was ever seen wearing it) to unleashing the full power of the national Democrat party, the Massachusetts elite establishment and the Roman Catholic Church against those same parents in order to intimidate them into dropping any effort to gain justice for their daughter.

But Teddy isn't roasting in the pit of hell only for what he did at Chappaquiddick where he only harmed one young woman and her family. He is now and eternally being flayed and buggered by the demonic hoards for what he used the power-for-life that his magic name gave him to do, and attempt to do, to an entire nation.

For example there was the incident in 1983 when Kennedy contacted Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov and suggested ways in which he could work with the KGB to counter what he called "Reagan's propaganda" and help defeat Reagan's bid for reelection.

Add to this Kennedy's support for a nuclear freeze, which would have frozen America's strategic arsenal while allowing the Soviets to continue to build without any limits and we can see that if old Teddy had gotten his way the Berlin Wall would still be standing and the USSR would still be holding Eastern Europe in subjugation and pointing a large nuclear arsenal at our cities.

We see that even 20 years later Kennedy failed to learn from his mistakes by the way he fed the "Bush lied us into war" and "war for Haliburton" conspiracy theories of the kook fringe of the antiwar movement.

On the domestic side Kennedy's legacy is no better. His advocacy of ever an higher minimum wage which limits the number of entry level jobs and harms very young workers and minorities most of all is a good example of how Kennedy was willing to build an image of himself as "champion of the little guy" while ruthlessly grinding the "little guy" under his boot heel.

This tendency is nowhere better seen than in his push for universal government run health care (socialized medicine). The fact is that under the system that Kennedy would have had us live under (but would never have willingly subjected himself) no "little guy" would have access to anywhere near the level of care that Kennedy himself received at the end of his life.

Some will question why I choose the occasion of Kennedy's death to utter such unpleasant truths about him. The answer is that unlike Senator Kennedy I am not a hypocrite and I will not pretend that the United States is anything but better off for his absence.