Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another victory for the good guys

From The Politico:

The resignation early Sunday of “green jobs” adviser Van Jones says as much about the Obama White House as it does about Jones – marking the latest sacrifice to the political gods after a long summer of compromises and surrenders highlighted the limits of White House power.

The departure – nominally the choice of a still-defiant Jones, who said he feared distracting from important business – confirmed Obama’s choice of pragmatism over confrontation and a belief that controversies sometimes are better solved by capitulation, a view that infuriates Obama’s allies on the left.

It confirmed that the real opposition party to Obama right now is the conservative grassroots that draws its energy from Fox News, talk radio and the Drudge Report, and often leaves Republican elected officials scrambling to catch up.

You hear that you grassroots conservatives who watch Fox News, listen to Rush, Sean and Mark and read blogs (like this one)?

When you get wee wee'd up pissed off and make your voice heard Washington can't stand up to you!

Remember how you killed amnesty even though the White House and the congressional leadership of both parties were dead-set to pass it?

Remember how your determination caused the president who wouldn't back down on Iraq to back down on Harriet Miers?

Keep it up!