Monday, October 05, 2009

Disguises are abandoned

Speaking of "unmasking" isn't it interesting how many masks are falling by the wayside these days.

I mean people who pay attention have known that the base ideology of the Democrat party has been a form of watered down Marxism for decades. Yet now with B. Hussein Obama at the helm the party is nationalizing large chunks of the American economy and making the most serious attempt to socialize health care ever (Hillarycare started out seriously but became a farce with not even one Democrat Senator voting for it).

Those same people who have been paying attention have known for years that the mainstream media has been biased in favor of the political left yet with the rise of Barack Obama they have moved from bias to open advocacy.

Now we have Hollywood rising to support and defend child-rapist Roman Polanski and while we can be sure that not every actor, director or producer is OK with what Polanski did we note that not one Hollywood personality has even attempted to raise a voice of condemnation to counter Polanski's highly visible support. Where is the counter petition asking the Swiss to hurry up and send the criminal back to face justice?

It's starting to remind me of that scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when the Death Eaters appear in the Dept. of Mysteries and reveal their true faces to Harry and his friends.

If the trend continues the next thing we'll see is the National Education Association admitting that they don't give a rat's ass about educating children (beyond left-wing political indoctrination) and that their real agenda is just the promotion of radical left-wing politics.

We should also take a moment to acknowledge that the National Organization of Women took its mask off back when Bill Clinton was shown to have done everything from have sex with an intern young enough to be his daughter (in the Oval Office, no less) to commit forcible rape in a hotel room and their response was "boys will be boys".

The Manhattan to Washington corridor "Republican" establishment has revealed their true nature by their attacks on Sarah Palin. If the left keeps on being honest about what they really are we might get to the point where we can have an HONEST political debate in this country!