Thursday, October 08, 2009

More Obama Youth surface

We have another case of children being recruited into an "Obama Youth" movement and being taught to sing his praises. This example was broadcast on CNN. There is no YouTube video so follow the link to see it.

This does not just remind one of the Hitler Youth. Similar things took place in the Soviet Union and is happening today in North Korea and Red China.

Remember the choirs of children who are required to assemble every year and sing the praises of Kim Jong il on the day he celebrates his assent to power?

Remember when the Olympics were in China? The children who were drilled to robot-like precision and put forward by the Chinese tyrants to sing and dance and make the regime which enslaves and immiserates them and their families look good to the world?

This, by the way, is why I hate the Olympics. They are used as PR by tyrants.

Don't the Obama kool-aid drinkers realize how this kind of thing makes them look?

Maybe they just can't help themselves.