Monday, October 12, 2009

We finally know what it takes to offend the little tin messiah!

A controversial Arizona sheriff known for taking a hard line against illegal immigrants has been stripped of some of his powers in what he described as a political move by the Obama administration.

Joe Arpaio, a gruff lawman who styles himself as America's toughest sheriff, has won acclaim from US anti-immigrant forces for his relentless pursuit of mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants in Maricopa county, Arizona, a fast-growing county of 4 million people that is home to Phoenix, the nation's fifth largest city.

Arpaio's aggressive tactics include the jailing of illegal immigrants in tent cities surrounded by barbed wire in the middle of Arizona's searingly hot summers, the reduction of meal costs to 20 cents per day, the use of pink jail clothing for men, and chain gangs for women inmates.

Arpaio also came in for criticism when he appeared on the Fox reality show Smile: You're Under Arrest.

Under a two-year-old agreement with the federal department of homeland security, Arpaio and his deputies had been authorised to enforce federal immigration law by arresting suspected illegal immigrants in the field and by checking the immigration status of people arrested on other offences.

But after drawing thousands of complaints and a civil rights investigation from the justice department, Arpaio was this week stripped of his federal authority to make immigration arrests. County attorney Andrew Thomas, one of Arpaio's supporters, condemned the "setback in the fight against illegal immigration".

For his part Arpaio has promised to continue chasing illegal immigrants using state laws. In an angry press conference, he called US homeland security officials "liars" and said he would personally drive those caught on the streets to the border if federal officers refused to take arrested illegal immigrants into custody. "I'll take a little trip to the border and turn them over to the border," he said.

Arpaio's critics decried his continued plans to arrest illegal immigrants and said the Obama administration should sever all ties with him.

So Obama WILL "sever all ties" with Sheriff Arpaio at the first hint of an excuse to do so but held on to his association with (or is still clinging to) this rogues gallery for as long as he could.

Corrupt "community organization ACORN which traffics in voter fraud, tax evasion and child sex slavery

Lunatic racist hate monger Jeremiah Wright.

Unrepentant communist revolutionary terrorist bomber William Ayers.

His "Safe Schools Czar", Kevin Jennings who once abetted the molestation of a teenage boy by an adult man he "met in a bus station bathroom" and is an admitted admirer of the founder of the North American Man Boy Love Association.

Van Jones, the foul-mouthed "Green Jobs Czar", and 9/11 "truther" who identifies himself as a communist.

Anthony Rezko criminal land developer, slumlord and "friend of Barack" who was a ready source of cash for the Obamas "back in the day".

Cass Sunstein, another of Obama's "czars" who is an animal rights wacko. Mr. Sunstein believes that animals should have the right to sue humans. We should also mention that Sunstein wants to prosecute bloggers who criticize the left.

I'm running out of time or I could go on listing the low life America-hating scum that B. Hussein Obama naturally gravitates to in his friendships and professional associations, but I think you get the point.