Wednesday, November 04, 2009

If you can possibly get to DC tomorrow

Thomas Lifson writes:

Rep. Michele Bachman is leading an effort to bring citizen-lobbyists to Capitol Hill, starting noon Thursday, in anticipation of a possible vote Friday on ObamaCare, Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press reports. Within hours of Rep. Bachman's call for citizens to travel to DC to lobby against ObamaCare, which could come to a vote Friday, The Tea Party Express, the doctors of Take Back America and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the patriots of Tea Party Patriots Live and Resistnet all stepped up.

Mark Levin, author of the important book Liberty & Tyranny (and major talk show host) will there. Readers who able to get to DC Thursday should be there too.

An aroused citizenry is much harder for legislators to ignore when the citizens turn out for face-to-face interaction. This was the great lesson of Town Hall August. Having citizens come to DC for lobbying was a brilliant move on Bachman’s part, and demonstrates the difference between old-line pols, and the new breed of conservative that the era demands.

This is an excellent idea. But it is unfortunate that our elected representatives are incapable of working without close supervision.

How long do you think it will take some Democrat politician to run to a micorphone and start squeaking about how he fees "threatened" by all the common rabble invading the Capitol building?