Sunday, November 22, 2009

The parable of the scorpion

Once upon a time there was a fox preparing to swim across a river when he was approached by a scorpion who said that he also needed to cross the river and asked if he might ride on the fox's back.

The fox refused, saying that if the scorpion stung him while he was in the water that he would become paralyzed and drown. The scorpion replied that he would do no such thing because if the fox drowned then he would drown along with him.

The fox considered this and agreed to allow the scorpion to ride on his back across the river.

Halfway across the river, where the water was at its deepest, the scorpion stung the fox.

The fox asked the scorpion why he had done this, since now they would both die.

The scorpion answered, "Because I'm a scorpion".

The lesson of the parable is that a thing will always act in accordance with its true nature. A snake is a snake, a spider is a spider, a scorpion is a scorpion and a Democrat is a Democrat.

That principle was placed on full view last night when the United States Senate passed a socialized medicine plan on a party line vote in which the supposed "conservative Democrat" holdouts like Mary Landrieu sold their votes (and sold out their nation) and actually bragged about how much swag they were able to take home.

Another "holdout" who wound up supporting the bill was "Independent" Senator Joe Lieberman who one time in his political career actually did show true independence and political courage by supporting the Bush administration in its war on terror and then endorsing John McCain for the same reason.

However when it came to a threat which will certainly do more long-term damage to the nation from within than al Qaeda could ever do from without Lieberman reverted to his true Democrat nature and cast a vote which sets the nation on the path to a full blown Marxist takeover of the health care industry with all the disastrous consequences that will follow.

Let me pause here to say I FRAKING TOLD YOU SO!

Back in 2006 when everyone was all pissed off at Bush and the Republicans in congress because they were spending money like Ted Kennedy at happy hour I told you that while the GOP absolutely did not deserve to win back control of the legislature that the nation absolutely did not deserve what would happen to it if they did not.

NOW do you believe me?

I understand that once upon a time the political landscape in this nation was different.

I know that there was once a time when the Democrat party's leadership and its most important core constituent groups did not reflexively hate America. I know that the first thing that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn did after being exiled from the Soviet Union was address a joint session of congress (controlled by Democrats) and the next thing he did was address the annual meeting of the AFL-CIO (the nations largest labor union at the time).

I know that there were once Democrats like Henry "Scoop" Jackson who were strong supporters of liberal causes like civil rights but were also true patriots and strong supporters of things like defeating our enemies, supporting our allies and promoting our values overseas.

But the Democrat party of men like Henry Jackson, Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy is dead.

It died in the chaos and nihilism of the late Sixties and early Seventies when men who were the leaders of a radical Marxist "New Left" (men who are Barack Obama's heroes and role models) infiltrated the Democrat party, changed the way it nominates candidates and transformed it into the kind of party which chooses people like Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Barack Obama to lead it.

Today the Democrat party is the party of Big Government worship and nothing else.

The modern Democrat party is nothing more than a secular version of radical Islam.

Just as the very word Islam means submission (to the will of Allah) the modern Democrat party is based on the concept of submission to an all-powerful central State.

In Islam Allah is called "merciful" and "benevolent" and held to be the source of every good thing while ordering his followers to spread the faith through jihad and offer "infidels" the choice of death, slavery or conversion.

The Democrat party believes that the government is, or should be, the source of every good thing - like health care, retirement income, housing and, give them time, food and clothing. All the while demonizing anyone who dissents. And we are seeing more and more that the Democrats are not content to simply demonize those who disagree but wish to criminalize them as well. We see this in everything from the Obama Justice Department's willingness to investigate CIA interrogators for using "torture" to the jail terms in the House health care legislation for those who refuse to participate in PelosiCare.

Islam requires that society be reordered so that the distinction between the religious and secular are abolished and the religious demands of the Koran (sharia law) are legally enforced by the State.

The Democrat party demands that the government impose it's faith based doctrines like Global Warming upon the nation by force.

Islam demands that government power be used to silence anyone who criticizes Islam or who would promote another religion.

The Democrat party is exploring ways (like bringing back the "Fairness Doctrine" or local ownership rules) to silence conservative talk radio. The Obama administration has been running a campaign to isolate and delegitimize Fox News.

I could go on with the comparison, but you get the point.

The United States of America is fighting two wars. Both are against radical religious extremists who wish to impose a tyrannical theocracy upon this nation.

One enemy is external (except for home-grown jihadists like Maj. Hasan) and one is internal.

At the end of the day it is the internal threat which is the deadliest.