Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Think about this

Hi everybody. I'm working overtime to get all work orders completed and all paperwork done for the end of the year so I won't be around much till Friday.

If you are all like me you are watching the developments in the case of the "underwear bomber" and the Obama administration's attempts to spin their way out of the growing scandal of how this jihadi was able to so much as buy a plane ticket to the United States much less board the plane with a bomb.

Here's another question that needs to be seriously asked and seriously answered. Since the Department of Homeland Security was created in the Bush administration every person to hold the cabinet level post of Secretary of Homeland Security, whether under the Republican Bush or the Democrat Obama has had all the intelligence of a number 2 lead pencil.


Why have two presidential administrations been unable to find a person to head up that very important department who isn't an abject moron?

Now I leave you with this Very Short Story that I wrote three years ago. I hope I don't wind up giving anyone ideas.