Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another America hating Euro loon.

It is a sad thing when someone you've admired and even considered a genius based on his comedic performances proves himself to be an abject fool.

First off Cleese's embrace of the myth of the stolen election. Need I remind anyone that after the inauguration of George W Bush that a coalition of left-wing newspapers, led by the New York Times, went to Florida and examined every ballot using the standards that the Gore campaign wanted applied and found that Bush actually did get more votes?

It is important that conservatives and Republicans correct this error whenever they encounter it, even if doing so becomes tedious. Myth can have a powerful hold on the human imagination and can exercise a profound influence upon behavior. Remember how the myth of the "stab in the back" poisoned the German mindset and helped pave the way for the rise of Hitler and the Nazis.

Then came his denigration of Sarah Palin as stupid. A point he attempted to prove by comparing her to JOE BIDEN!

[I wall pause here to let the laughter subside]

Joe Biden is a man who has been wrong on virtually every position he has taken during his entire political career.

Biden, you will remember, in an attempt to present himself as the best educated man in the room at a town hall meeting invented an educational background for himself which his own office had to admit to reporters contained very little truth.

What we have to remember about Cleese is that he is an Englishman and to an Englishman one's accent reveals everything you need to know about that person. Britin has the most class conscious society in the world and in Britain class is something you are born into not something you can aspire to.

When the Cambridge educated Cleese hears Palin's rural Alaskan speech patterns he is incapable of thinking of her as anything but a low class peasant bumpkin who has no business intruding into the affairs of her betters. When Palin actually manages to win her debate with Biden well then it must be because she learned her lines like a good parrot.

Which brings us to Fox News. Yes Fox has shows like Hannity and Glen Beck which deal in the opinions of their hosts. This is no different than a newspaper having an editorial page in which columnists and guests express their opinions on the issues of the day. However unlike the other cable news channels and the broadcast network news programs Fox makes a sincere (and usually successful) attempt to be balanced and fair in its presentation of straight news programming.

The fact that Chris Wallace and Britt Hume will ask the same kind of hard questions, with hard follow-ups, of liberals and Democrats as they will of conservatives and Republicans makes them appear "right-wing" only when compared to characters like Dan Rather, Katie Couric and Charles Gibson (we won't even mention Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow).

What was George W Bush's great sin in the eyes of the world?

Well for some snobs like Cleese it was that Mr. Bush didn't talk like the Ivy League educated man that he in fact was. But for far more of both the elite and the teeming masses of Old Europe it was what George W Bush represented.

You see Old Europe is dying from a profound lack of faith.

They lack faith in God, they lack faith in their culture and they lack faith in themselves. This is why their birthrate is falling and for some time has been below the replacement level. This is why they have allowed their various military services to fall far below the level actually needed to defend their nations from any serious threat. This is why they are unable to develop any effective response to fact that their nations will soon be majority Muslim - unassimilated fundamentalist Muslims desiring sharia law.

For people who have essentially given up and decided to lay down and die the presence of living, vibrant growing and self-confidant America is intolerable.

To dying Old Europe George W Bush's certitude that Western culture was good and worth defending and that the terrorist enemy was evil and worth defeating, that it was both possible and positive to liberate the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq - and that those people would want to be liberated - was the bitterest and most stinging kind of rebuke.

To dying Old Europe Barack Obama offered a vision of America much less wealthy, much less powerful and not at all self confident. Barack Obama would never send the American military into another nation to free its enslaved population. To the contrary he would meekly bow before the dictators and tyrants of the world and apologize for America and beg their forgiveness.

And all this while reading a teleprompter more beautifully than any other man alive.

Americans should take a lesson from this. Letting people who think the world would be better off if we weren't in it pick our leaders is a very bad idea.