Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're damaging their calm

Over the past few days I have read a number of references to the notes that Sarah Palin had written on her hand during her speech and Q&A session at the Nashville Tea Party conference.

Comments like, "Sarah Palin reads notes from her hand, woo woo. Sarah Palin reads notes from her hand, woo woo", which was posted on YouTube to this:

So, you think Sarah Palin is embarrassed by the crib-notes-on-the-palm incident?

You're kidding, right?

Which was written by Alex Baldwin on the Huffington Post.

Then there was the observation by someone that Mrs. Palin used note cares for her speech, then went on to inform us that note cards are the analog version of a teleprompter.

Someone, I think it was a Marine Corps (this is pronounced kôr, in case the president is reading) general said that when you see that you have kicked the enemy in a sensitive spot you should keep on kicking them there.

Clearly Barack Obama's extreme difficulty speaking coherently without a teleprompter is a sensitive spot for the left.

The fact is that when you cut him off from the 'prompter without a massive amount of preparation he starts stuttering, stammering and eventually gibbering about things like visiting all the 57 states in the Union.

In other words he sounds like a man with considerably less intelligence than George W Bush (who couldn't pronounce "nuclear" but who also never talked about "breathalizing inhalators").

The attempt to characterize Palin's note cards as simply the low tech version of Obama's teleprompter falls flat because the two things are not the same.

If Palin had taken the stage with her speech already typed up on 81/2 x 11 paper and had read it word for word that would be the analog version of a teleprompter.

But what Palin did was jot down a few words on 3 x 5 index cards on order to remind herself of the major points she wanted to make and the order she wanted to make them in. Then she depended upon her knowledge of the issues that she was speaking about and the ability to think logically and organize her thoughts then speak her thoughts clearly in order to give her speech.

On the other hand what Obama does is have his speech written for him by someone else then fed to him word for word on a teleprompter so all he has to do is read each word then pronounce it with his undeniable gift for sounding good (as long as he doesn't have to engage his mind and involve it in the speaking process).

In other words Barack Obama's great talent in life is to be a loudspeaker made out of meat.

No wonder the left finds this to be such a sore spot.

Like the man said, we've kicked them in a soft spot so we should keep kicking.