Saturday, March 27, 2010

All part of the price of PC

Thomas Lifson reminds us of some sad truths:

That didn't take long. Human nature (male variety) remains constant. The BBC reports:
A Heathrow Airport security guard was given a police warning after he was allegedly caught staring at images of a female colleague in a body scanner.
Israel manages to overcome the most threatening environment for airline terrorism in the world by use of profiling, but in the United States, thanks to political correctness, we insist on considering elderly grandmothers from Iowa a threat as serious as the Detroit crotch bomber.

As a result, attractive females can expect to be ogled at airports. Sorry, ladies. PC strikes again.

Actually we don't consider elderly grandmothers from Iowa to be threats. We (meaning the TSA) consider them to be cover. There is a difference.

TSA screeners have been instructed to avoid singling out anyone who appears to be of Middle Eastern descent as much as possible, but if they absolutely must pay special attention to someone who appears to be an "Arab" they need to be able to document that they have also payed such special attention to at least ten white people on the same day.

This is the way this works out in real life. Say you have a group of three Middle Eastern-looking men standing in line at the security station having a loud discussion about how they are going to drive the infidel from sacred Muslim soil and saying prayers in Arabic in which the words "jihad" and "Osama" can be clearly discerned. Your ever vigilant TSA employees will want to subject these men to a heightened level of security but to do so without being sued they will also have to pull aside 30 Caucasian businessmen, grandmothers, boy scouts and elderly Congressional Medal of Honor recipients to balance out the Arabs.