Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are we serious about survival?

Now read this piece by Stella Paul from yesterday's American Thinker:

America didn't elect a president; we chose a rapper-in-chief. Obama gets all the fun of truly livin' large: transforming the White House into a party palace straight out of "MTV Cribs" and zooming around on Air Force One like a hotshot celebrity on his private jet. All he has to do is smile at his screaming groupies, recite some catchy twaddle, and jet off to his latest vacation, serene with the knowledge that whatever misery and carnage may unfold below, his hands are clean.

Obama is America's first post-responsibility president, and the degrading spectacle of the Tucson aftermath proves it. A quick reminder to Krauthammer, Noonan, et al., who have resumed tossing love notes at their favorite star: Obama is so indifferent to the safety of Arizonans that he actually sued the state for trying to protect them.

What if the Tucson killer had been an illegal alien? What if "Javier Lopez" had shot up the crowd, after sneaking past the billion-dollar "virtual fence" that Obama just quietly canceled? What if he had murdered a border patrolman along the way, like Federal Agent Brian Terry, who was shot in the back with an AK-47 in December? Would Obama have borne any responsibility for that?

After all, a full-scale gang war is raging directly south of our border, and Obama's only response has been to sue Arizona for a law, passed by 70% of its voters, that allows police to ask crime suspects about their citizenship. Obama is so proud of this dangerous idiocy that he bragged about it to the tyrants of China and the United Nations. And his minions in Congress shamelessly leaped to their feet and cheered Mexico's president when he had the brass to excoriate Arizona for "racial profiling."

So would Obama be blamed for Javier Lopez's crime spree? Of course not! The story would have been buried faster than the victims by an obediently adoring press. Various MSNBC nutters would have screeched about Arizona's climate of hate, but a few words sent from the presidential golf links would have shut them up quick. If it doesn't help the rapper-in-chief, it doesn't exist. Has anybody said a word about the murder of Brian Terry?

OK, let's play a slightly different game. What if "Abdul el-Muhamed" had snuck across the border to unleash the Tucson carnage? Not such an unlikely scenario: Rep. Sue Myrick recently warned that Hezb'allah terrorists are invading from Mexico and that Obama's Homeland Security Department is refusing to answer her letters on the issue.

Myrick's letter outlined the growing collaboration between Mexican drug cartels and Iranian-backed Hezb'allah members, who are thought to be learning Spanish in Venezuela before getting false papers to enter the U.S. as Mexicans. One chilling piece of evidence: gang members in America's southwest prisons are increasingly sporting tattoos in Farsi.

So would Obama bear any blame if a Hezb'allah terrorist went on a bloody rampage in Tucson? Uh, no. This is Obama we're talking about. From his memorable performance after the Fort Hood murders, we can formulate his response. Grumpily, he'd interrupt his latest vacation to shamble before the cameras in T-shirt and flip-flops. After a casual "shout-out" to some union cronies, he'd launch into his best-selling, all-time classic rap: I'm Here to Save You from Your Never-Ending Sin of Islamophobia. Worship Me For Healing You, O America. Through Me, You Shall Attain Forgiveness. The media would sob with admiration, as Chris Matthews suffered a near-fatal electrocution by leg-tingle.

And now we come to the actual tragic events, in which a pot-smoking schizophrenic erupted in an orgy of insane violence. Obama's operatives swiftly seized the chance to permanently taint Obama's most formidable rival, Sarah Palin. After four days of increasingly apocalyptic accusations, it was time for the rapper-in-chief to work his wordy magic.

The concert hall promoters had done their pre-production work well. Souvenir T-shirts bedecked the chairs, imprinted with the song title of one of Obama's lesser-known numbers from his blockbuster year of 2008. The screaming fans were all in place. At last, He appeared and performed a fresh new rap, a sparkling stew of platitudinous poppycock about not disappointing the dreams of a child. His fans shrieked and applauded, their ebullience trampling the dignity of the mourners among them.

Has Obama taken one single action to make the people of Arizona safer? Was the border more protected? Has the mental health apparatus of Arizona been appraised and improved? Has the sheriff been chastised for "acting stupidly" and possibly compromising the integrity of the investigation? Has anything "presidential" actually been done?

No. But what does it matter? As Obama flew away, a grateful punditry wept with joy that they had lived to behold such a day, when the great rapper-in-chief had descended among us and softly blessed us with his font of sacred nonsense.

The essays by Paul and Steyn fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  At a time when America is facing what is perhaps its greatest hour of peril we have B. Hussein Obama for a leader.

It's enough to make you think that God has withdrawn his blessing from the Republic.
Think back to the 2008 presidential election. Conservatives became so excited by the presence of Sarah Palin on the ticket that we tend to forget exactly what America did have to choose from? A street punk from the most corrupt city in the nation who had absolutely no experience or record of achievement to recommend him for the office and an old man with serious anger management issues who has spent his entire political life running to the "other side of the isle" to help the left move its agenda forward for no other purpose than to have entities like the New York Times say flattering things about him.

This was not the choice that was given to America on Election Day it is the choice that America made for itself. Obama and McCain were the men who rose to the top after a long and contentious primary process during which every registered Republican and Democrat had the opportunity to make his or her choice known.

And what did we get? A choice between disaster and calamity.

The American Republic is in serious danger of losing its economic prosperity, its liberty and its standing as a world power. In fact it may be too late to salvage any of those things. However if we do have any chance to survive our last chance to change course and restore the nation to what it once was will come in 2012 when we will have a chance to elect a new president and hand control of the Senate to the GOP.

However it is not enough to place Republicans in charge of the White House and the legislature. They must be conservatives as well. This means that organizations like the Tea Party will have to be more active than ever and American voters will have to understand that the leadership of the GOP is, for the most part, not their friend.

We must accept as an unquestionable axiom that any candidate who holds ideas which can save the nation will be regarded as a mortal enemy by the ruling elites of both parties and we will have to nominate these candidates and support them in the face of the bitterest opposition possible.

Only in this way do we have the slightest chance of reversing America’s decline and restoring it to its proper place in the world.