Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ignore her and she'll go away

There is a post on Big Hollywood about how has-been never-was "comedian" Kathy Griffin has decided that in 2011 it will be her mission to "take down" 16-year-old Willow Palin (I assume that 2012 will be Piper's turn and that in 2013 Trig will be mocked). 

Griffin has admitted that her motivation for this kind of behavior is attention seeking.  She hopes that by launching yet another hateful personal attack on a member of the Palin family that she will be invited on shows like The View and O'Reilly Factor to discuss/defend her comments.

I would submit that since the best way of dealing with this kind of behavior (dueling to the death) is currently against the law that the next best alternative would be to simply ignore her.

Just ignore her and eventually she will try to gain attention by even more outrageous means like acting in a porn video.  When this doesn't garner her the expected attention (after all, who wants to look at her sagging 50-year-old body) she will go the drug-fueled public nervous breakdown route followed by the obligatory trip to rehab.

She will emerge from rehab clean and sober and with a new politically correct cause to support and a determination to rebuild her career.

When this fails to make her an "A" or even "B"or "C" list celebrity she will disappear from view and not be heard of again until her dead body is found in a gutter or dumpster in Hollywood.

Thus will end the sad life of someone who, but for a few bad choices (like trying to work in the entertainment industry and being a Democrat), might have lived a happy and productive life as a legal secretary, dental hygienist or housewife.