Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It isn't that they can't see the truth - it's just that they don't care

AWR Hawkins writes in today's Big Hollywood:

When I read Sarah Silverman’s gushing description of a “private” meeting between her and President Obama in a hotel hallway, one in which he gave her “a big hug,” my first reaction was to laugh out loud. I found it hilarious that even amid crippling unemployment figures, skyrocketing energy prices, and foreign policies only Jimmy Carter could love, Hollywood elitism was still clinging to the dream.

Of course it went from hilarious to sickening when I read further into Silverman’s account of the event, and saw how she reacted to the “big hug” by equating Obama’s body with that of a thoroughbred. At this point I said to myself: “Silverman has obviously never hugged a thoroughbred.” (I grew up around racehorses, and Obama’s emasculated frame is by no means reminiscent of a thoroughbred.)

As a matter of fact, Silverman’s comparison of the two – Obama’s body with that of a thoroughbred – is so silly that one might call her sanity into question were it not for the fact that she’s not alone in speaking the absurd in relation to Obama. In other words, she’s not the only Hollywood celebrity to utter such imbecility; she’s just the latest one.

For example, during the 2008 campaign cycle, director Spike Lee said an Obama presidency would not simply bring “a new day, [but] a better day.” George Clooney said Obama possessed “the one quality you cannot teach…which is he is a leader.” And actor Josh Lucas described Obama as “a truly scholarly man.” (Pardon me while I throw up.)

I wonder what the people represented by the approximately 10% unemployment figures in this country would say about Obama’s new day? I wonder what Gulf of Mexico residents who watched Obama play golf in 2010 instead of taking a hands-on approach to the BP oil spill would say of his leadership? And since when does thinking the United States has 57 states or stuttering through speeches on a teleprompter or spending a country into oblivion by running a 3 trillion dollar deficit up to 14 trillion in 2 years seem scholarly?

Obama hasn’t brought a better day, he isn’t a leader, and the only scholarly attribute he has is the distance he keeps between himself and the real world.

Other than that, his only credentials arise from the way his speeches send a thrill up Chris Matthews’ leg or make some second-string comedian like Sarah Silverman tell him she’s going to be naked in her next film.


The left-wing elites, Hollywood or otherwise, simply don't care how America and its people have suffered under the "leadership" of Obama.

He's young, he's black and he's a leftist just like them and that is all that matters.

Seriously the Left doesn't care that Obama has gone out of his way to insult and betray our allies.  After all if they were allies of the Unites States in the dark time before Obama then there must be something very wrong with them.  And they don't care that he apologizes and bows down before our enemies since if they were our enemies in the dark time before Obama then they must be good people.

They don't care that he has wrecked the economy since the more people who depend upon handouts from the government the more people who vote Democrat.

They don't care that he has made America militarily weaker since a powerful America is a bully who pushes around innocent dictators like Saddam Hussein and innocent jihadists like Osama bin Laden and others whose murderous tyranny can be easily overlooked because they hate the United States as much as the Left does.

They don't care that Obamacare will dramatically reduce the quality of healthcare available to the average American since they can always jet off to a private clinic in another country like the elites of Europe do.

They don't care that he is saddling the nation with massive debt which will take a century to pay off - if ever - because it will make it very much harder for a future Republican administration to rebuild the economy, the military and America's place of world leadership.

As long as the lifestyles of the leftists are not lowered and they can retain their place in what they regard as the elite ranks of Hollywood, academia and politics they will just fine with the loss of wealth and liberty of the American people.