Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fjordman - RIP

Andrew Bostom has some tragic news for us:

My colleague, the perspicacious Norwegian essayist Fjordman (whose prolific writings can be read here), was compelled to surrender his anonymity after reluctantly granting an interview to Verdans Gang (published in English, here).

An hysterical, morally cretinous press and blogosphere -- Norwegian, other European, and American -- which had initially accused Fjordman, falsely and recklessly, of being the Brevik mass murderer, continues to persist that he was Brevik's "main inspiration," a charge akin to accusing the Beatles of "inspiring" Charles Manson, or Jody Foster "inspiring" John Hinckley.

Fjordman, real name Peder Jensen, made this announcment in the VG interview:

After the terrorist attack and his blog being cited as an influence, Jensen says he will never use the alias Fjordman again.

- I don't wish to be associated with Breivik and his horrible actions, he says.

The response of the media and the left-wing establishment (sorry redundant) in both Europe and the United States to the monstrous crimes of Andres Behring Breivik has been as sad as it was predictable.  Instead of focusing attention where it belongs, on the evildoer himself, the effort to exploit the tragic deaths of the innocent for propaganda is in full swing. 

The left thrashes around trying to connect any person who as had the good sense to recognize the danger to Western culture posed by multiculturalism in general and Islam in particular (and the courage to speak our write about that danger) to the murderous actions of Mr. Breivik.  Of course they conveniently ignore citations by Breivik of people the left respects (just like the media ignored the fact that large sections of the Unibomber manifesto were indistinguishable from Al Gore's gaseous tome Earth in the Balance.

Of course I'm not suggesting that Mr. Gore has the slightest shred of responsibility for the crimes of Ted Kaczynski any more than Rush Limbaugh was responsible for Timothy McVeigh, Sarah Palin for Jared Loughner, or Richard Wagner for the Holocaust. 

But then I'm not an hysterical lying left-wing maggot.

I don't blame Mr. Jensen for wanting to distance himself from Anders Behring Breivik in any way possible.  Since he lives in a time and place where people can be sent to jail for saying anything remotely critical of Islam.  However it is deeply tragic nonetheless.

I hope that Mr. Jensen will continue to write.  He is very intelligent highly learned and willing to say that which the dominant culture definitely does not wish to hear (can anyone say "speaking truth to power"?).

That the police and political establishment in his home country seem eager to place legal blame upon him for the actions of a madman is in its own way a far greater tragedy than the actions of that madman.